Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Human Nature

I got an interesting comment on a post from an international law firm. Apparently, this person didn't actually READ the post they commented on & seemed to think it was okay to write something that wasn't even a complete sentence.

No, no, NO!!!!! Only useful discourse proving you actually read will be regarded here. If English is not your native language, I hope you've got some type of translation tool so you can read, comment in English, what have you. Not being an expert in English is not what I'm referring to; basic problems in reading comprehension, in any language, is.

Don't bother with text speak or anything proving you are a moron; I'll just get confused. I also loathe morons with a passion. One day, someone should really make a list. Call it something like "X Signs That You Are a Moron." Whatever number you want. I have no idea how many signs one could come up with to make a good list.

One thing is for sure though: if you'd condemn this man for what he proposes to do here, that's a sure sign you're a moron.

Essentially, it means you don't know a thing about human nature & have never had a close family member or friend murdered. Nor have you even known someone whose close family member or friend was the victim of a murderer.

If you'd blame this man for a second for wanting to kill a man for murdering his son & then eating his son's flesh, then you are a moron. You live in a dream world if you think the justice system is perfect and criminals are always properly punished. Snap out of it!

Let me give you a real life example: you may not know the name of Michael Hayes. However, he's a well know figure in my hometown. This man murdered a number of people by getting them to pull over and killing them while they drove down a stretch of highway. The murders happened not far from where I lived & my mother was relieved that my sister & I were not of driving age at the time he was doing this.

So when Michael Hayes was going through the criminal justice system, he plead insanity. He was locked up in a mental hospital, where I believe he remains to this day. The story was heavily publicized in my hometown & people still remember this guy vividly.

A few months back, a friend from that hometown posted a link about how the state is considering releasing this man from the mental hospital & letting him skip back out into society like nothing ever happened.

Despite the fact that he would be forbidden from living in the county where these crimes took place, a number of people I knew said that if he were ever released, then their relatives (some of whom were related to victims of this scumbag) would murder him on sight. I think some would join in just based on principle; absolutely no one I know would support this man going back out on the streets, no matter how "reformed" he was.

Just more reasons I support the death penalty after thorough investigation & knowing for a fact that someone is guilty of something based on reliable metrics. I also admit I could never be a criminal defense lawyer.

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