Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Adventures at the WildPig Comic Con

Today, my husband & I went to Springfield, NJ to attend the WildPig Comic Con. Now my husband's the true comic book reader; me, not so much. If you saw our back room, you'd know why. Unlike most readers of comics, my husband's not your typical "fanboy" stereotype. He actually hates people who act like that & says they have serious problems.

But I attended b/c the creator of a webcomic my husband told me to read when we first started dating & that we've been reading together ever since was one of the guests. It's called "Something Positive" & if you think this blog is funny + I haven't offended your delicate sensibilities, you should definitely read that strip; there's a lot of humor + things to relate to there. I'm not going to tell you; read it for yourself.

But if you're easily offended, why would you read this blog? It should be painfully obvious that I don't give a damn about not crushing the sensibilities of the special snowflakes.

Here's the link.

Start reading from the 1st strip.

Now I specifically had reason to meet the creator since I started the very first MySpace group for Something Positive (to counteract the billions of "I Love The OC" and other groups for things I hated that polluted MySpace at the time) & he linked my group to his site (making my group official). I take my bad ass enforcement behavior everywhere & that group is no exception. Despite some whining from total strangers, I've stuck to my guns & kicked out plenty of jack-offs. Heck, I'm probably more hard core in personal stuff than I am in a job & that's saying something.

I also don't take kindly to harassing people or stalking them b/c of their creative works. I had exes try to stalk me & I'm not even famous. Not to mention that I know people w/stories & really am a "fan" of no one since I'll never go through someone's garbage, harass someone or engage in creepy fan behavior. I certainly won't encourage other people to do it since I'd hate having it done to me.

Anyhow, the creator of this strip totally rocks. He praised me for not putting up w/anyone's dickery & laying down the law when needed. My husband was also happy & the conversation really made my day. I mentioned my film company's upcoming NYC premiere of "Uptown" (thank my husband for telling me to mention this) & he said he'd mention it on his site.

The other reason we attended was because the WildPig was a store in NJ that promoted itself as being the store for people who don't like the typical dickery of the fanboys or certain comic store owners. My husband said he didn't see very many freaks there & I didn't have to feel self-conscious since there weren't creepy guys starting at me or a situation where I was the only woman in the room except for those in skanky outfits (no "booth babes"). I'll elaborate on the "fanboy" phenomenon in a future post, perhaps have my hubby contribute since he can spot them a mile away.

I just wish the Mexican restaurant at the hotel had a lunch menu. We thought the menu looked good, we have yet to find a truly great Mexican restaurant in our area that didn't give us shitty service & the prices were fair. They weren't open until 5 & if we'd waited, we would have never found parking in our neighborhood. Damn alternate side parking nonsense! I like living near a subway station but I could do w/out that headache.

Speaking of job searching, I decided that when I communicate w/people for jobs or ask about whether they'll consider my resume I may as well be blunt. Just be honest about the situation & see what happens. Apparently one interviewer contacted me b/c he liked that I said I was applying for that job so I wouldn't have to become a stripper. He found it humorous. I figure there are a few truths I can consider:

A) I've been in the interviewers' shoes. I have seen resumes/cover letters from prospective applicants & had to determine who to call in for interviews. Why not admit you don't want to contribute to more paperwork for them?

B) I know what goes on in law firms & the typical culture. Why not come right out & say you're not interested in all that nonsense? I did meet some attorneys with one firm in Manhattan that said they did not operate in that fashion; maybe there are more like that. I also see no reason why I shouldn't just admit that such things are why I'd rather take a paralegal position than an attorney position. I've just saved you some time & you can train someone else to eat shit.

C) I have been placed in positions of responsibility. Why shouldn't I just say that I'm not interested in being treated like a 6 year old?

D) If humor worked for one person, why couldn't it work for others? I'd rather not work someplace that is ridiculously stuffy & tries to stifle all fun, creativity & humor whenever possible.

I figure being direct will save me & everyone else time, heartache & unnecessary hassle. I don't want to work in certain environments and if I'd be happier working at Wal-Mart than in some of these places, I think I owe it to myself to find out ahead of time if I should even have an emotional investment in some potential employer.

I guess because of my experiences & knowing how certain industries operate, I feel that I deserve better and should seek out places that will see my personality + best traits as an asset, not a liability. Sort of the "don't try to be a turtle when you're a rabbit" school of thought. I can just be a stripper if I want to be miserable or face degradation.

Still depressed & going to be panicky but we'll see how things go.

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