Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forfeiting Your Human Rights

This just pisses me off.

Aside from the fact that I've had cats since I was a baby (literally) & have proper respect for animals, I think the laws are way too light for people who abuse & harm animals in any form or fashion.

I also take issue w/people who have children & decide that their pets should be tossed out like an old piece of furniture. Are these people going to do that to their kids when they do something Mom & Dad don't like? What if these kids come out of the closet, date someone the parents don't approve of, take drugs, start drinking, etc.? If you're not willing to toss out a child for that stuff, you can't support tossing out a pet unless you're a hypocrite. And you know, The Angry Redheaded Lawyer HATES hypocrites.

My family would never, in a trillion years, ditch a pet like that. Those pets are family members just like any human being & do not get the short end of the stick in my family. In fact, my mom claims the cats eat better than the humans do.

For all the bleeding heart liberals out there (and if you dare to call ME one, you clearly haven't read this blog or spoken to me in depth), I don't care about people who commit inhuman acts. Once you've tortured an animal, harmed a child, raped someone or done something so disgusting & so appalling that at least 80% of the population wouldn't want to live next door to you, you have forfeited your human rights. As far as I'm concerned, you should be punished in the harshest, cruelest fashion known to man. Take a cue from China, the Middle East & other countries where there are real punishments for disgusting, inhumane acts unlike in America where you get to watch cable TV with all your limbs intact unless some inmate justice occurs.

If I had my way, any act you committed against an animal would be done to you as punishment. Let's put gas on YOU and light YOU on fire. Let's shoot YOU in your own home.

Too harsh, you say? Well, would you do that to an innocent creature if someone did it to YOU? Might deter a few crimes or at least kill some people who no longer get to be members of the human race.

I don't have sympathy for certain mental issues, despite having a BA in Psych because at the end of the day you can fake a mental illness, there are many that psychologists don't know much about & recidivism rates are ungodly high for certain things. Some people CAN'T be rehabilitated, simple as that.

And, yes I'm all for vigilante justice. When the law is being ineffective or dismissive, I think you need people to fill in the cracks or those cracks will never get fixed. It's not my place to tell anyone how to feel or what to do if their loved one is harmed or killed by some random scumbag; I'd personally murder someone for even thinking of harming my cat. If you think I wouldn't, remember the story I shared about my friend bringing home the stray cat, her husband kicking the carrier w/him inside & what I did next. I believe I wrote about this in an earlier entry.

To be perfectly honest, I do have more regard for animal life than most human life, in particular human life that has personally wronged me in some way or done something inhuman. Lucky for most people, I haven't personally witnessed much animal cruelty b/c I'd probably have a viable insanity defense for doing whatever I did after seeing it.

I'm also in favor of the death penalty & think we should have televised hanging/stoning for the worst crimes b/c I feel it would be a viable deterrent. Maybe we use castration as a deterrent as well.

BUT...I do think there should be a more speedy, fair & effective appeals process. No killing anyone unless you're 100% sure or at least 90% sure the person did it. If the technology is faulty, we need to address it since there are quite a few cases where people were falsely incarcerated for a long time & DNA evidence proved their innocence. Law firms & clinics working on those cases should get more funding.

I don't pretend to have all the answers here & it's not an easy issue but I still hold strongly to not giving human rights to people who've proved they aren't human. You can bet if I got to make laws that had to be enforced without question, some people would be trembling in their socks. I may have ranted on this before but it bears repeating.

Now I'll probably go watch some of my Season 4 DVD of The Facts of Life.

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