Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Comments About Ineffective Government on Immigration Issues

So Arizona has decided to step up its crackdown on illegal immigration while Washington decides to employ illegals for their personal services & whine about problems without offering solutions. Bravo to them! See this story.

As to the civil rights complainers, read my previous entry on illegal immigration & my personal experiences w/that situation. It is my view that you DO NOT get the same constitutional rights as citizens. You want the protection of America's laws, maybe you should legally become an American instead of popping out babies you don't care for & "protesting" while you go out harassing citizens.

Those who aren't doing this aren't exactly stepping up & calling out the guilty ones, now are they? Maybe if you DID then people wouldn't hate you so much.

In light of all this, I find this story particularly interesting as well.

Definitely count me in that group that distrusts the government. If you are an intelligent person, you kind of have to. You also can't go around thinking anyone is going to care about your self-interest or have your back as the same level you would, regardless of what they might say. The minute you do, you're in big trouble.

In light of my history, it shouldn't be a shocker that I don't really trust most people & institutions. In my own high school, a teacher was fired my senior year for sleeping w/a student. She apparently took the male in question to the guidance office one day & one of the guidance office staff saw some things; I worked in that office at the time & heard about it from the adults who worked there. Another one was known to sexually harass young women. It just builds & builds from there.

Some of the stories & tales I've heard from various people in my life are so bleak/depressing/etc. that I should have no faith in humanity at all. To be honest, I don't have all that much & it's why I prefer dealing w/animals, in particular cats b/c I grew up with them.

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