Monday, February 1, 2010

Something I've Needed to Get Off My Chest

As I've said before, I don't care about politics. I'm an independent, which means I think both parties are full of crap in some measure. The Republicans deserve some credit for wanting to help businesses (at least if you're talking about small ones) & for their stances on gun rights, illegal immigration (Tom Tancredo, at least), tort reform in medical malpractice suits and not being overly PC. The Democrats, however, tend to be more in touch w/the average person if not being bought by special interest groups.

That being said, I would LOVE to see a candidate who doesn't put on the Christian saint, happy family act. If someone publicly said they were gay, cheating on their spouse, did a lot of drugs & other stuff people freak out about when they see it in the news, I'd have to vote for that candidate based on their honesty. I hate, HATE hypocrites & liars; that's also why I really don't care about politics. I could be in charge & things would STILL be corrupt b/c you can't get rid of everyone and start over. I think I'd love a candidate who publicly admitted to hating one of their kids.

I'd vote for an atheist in a second; at least ADMIT you aren't a religious person instead of going to some church while the press is watching & doing everything under the sun to violate that religion once you get into office.

Is letting people be abused by the National Guard in New Orleans after Katrina a "Christian act?" How about closing schools, laying off people who need jobs & keeping incompetents around? What about harassing teenagers & people who got abortions for reasons you don't know anything about? Letting in every illegal under the sun while allowing them to take jobs from your own citizens as well as harass them, violate laws the citizens HAVE TO obey & never deporting or punishing them for their misdeeds?

Way too many people don't live up to their faith & it ticks me off. Either be a 100% member of the faith or stop calling yourself one while violating its edicts on behavior. If you wonder why non-believers are hostile to believers, this is the reason. The good & true believers need to be schooling the fakes since those fakes are diminishing the faith/religion and painting those who DO follow the religion + the faith itself in a bad light.

I'd love to see more people speak out against hypocrisy in general but particularly where it exists in their own backyard. Honesty takes courage & an honest candidate would get my vote much quicker than someone doing things to try fitting my demographic.

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  1. I like your style. I find a good angry/annoyed post refreshing.