Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebrity Bravos

I saw a couple news stories on celebrities doing things that I think are totally awesome.

While I'm not the biggest Jessica Alba fan (my husband sure isn't), if she wasn't just seeking a PR opportunity then you have to give her some credit for that. That goes for anyone doing something that wasn't just for PR. I'm big on people doing something genuine; I certainly don't do something nice just for PR. I'll do something nice b/c I wanted to or actually care about the situation.

Since you never hear about celebrities doing anything for "the little people," I thought these people should be commended for it. So should Morgan Freeman, in fact. If you haven't seen "Prom Night in Mississippi," you should ASAP. It's a documentary about this small town in Mississippi that hasn't caught up to the 21st Century & STILL had segregated proms.

I still can't wrap my head around that one since I've had friends of other races since I was old enough to interact w/anyone (earliest I remember this is about 3). Most of my true friends in high school, especially in my own grade, were black so I'd never go for the idea of a segregated anything. Morgan Freeman also has some views on race that I completely agree with, such as not having the concept of Black History month & the like today if black people want to be equal in society. How about celebrating the accomplishments of black people ALL the time? How about not saying racism is dead, because it isn't & admitting that ANYONE can be a racist? Or actually BEING colorblind?

Okay, rant over. Just wanted to say that these sorts of things are the kind of stuff I'd do if I was famous & probably will even w/just professional fame.

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