Friday, February 19, 2010

Celebrities Apologizing to Fans for Personal Indiscretions....WHY???

Everyone knows about the situation with Tiger Woods: he cheated on his wife with at least one other woman. He's lost endorsement deals & his personal reputation has been dragged through the mud. People have been calling for him to apologize & he finally did today.

Why should the man be apologizing to the world at large??? He's not a politician who stole money from his constituents. He's not doing a private apology to his wife or the companies that dropped him as an endorser of their products. I'm not married to him, never slept with him and never did business with him. So why does Tiger Woods owe me, a total stranger who doesn't even watch sports, an apology? He doesn't. I don't care.

For that matter, why should ANY celebrity have to apologize to ANYONE other than the people directly affected by his/her actions. Don't feed me that nonsense about role models & heroes. It's not the job of Tiger Woods or any other famous person to be your mentor or your hero; you should be looking at your parents, your teachers, people that actually took a personal interest in you & CARE about your success or failure.

Personally, branding someone as a "role model" or "hero" seems to be code for making that person a scapegoat for some parent's refusal to raise their own children or teach them anything good. I can't stand morons who sue musicians, entertainers, etc. for their kids imitating their actions. When Marilyn Manson was being blamed for Columbine, I was livid. I'd defend an entertainer in a second against such suits since they're a blatant attempt to stifle free speech as well as leech off some famous person to compensate for the plaintiff's failure as a parent.

I don't even think politicians should have to apologize to the public for personal indiscretions. IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!!!!! Being famous does not mean you have to be the world's savior.

Quite frankly, I would never hold what I see in a tabloid headline against a celebrity. Unless I have personal knowledge of a story, it's not my place to speculate. Barring drug use or issues affecting my work with the person (like causing a disturbance on set or being a diva), why should an entertainment company care if an actor cheated on his/her spouse or went to a strip club? I don't judge people & quite frankly, lawyers are supposed to be available to represent even the most disgusting, repulsive people on Earth. Some of us just have different definitions of those things. Mine are child molesters, rapists, animal abusers, racists, etc. Not celebrities who didn't pick more loyal sex partners.

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