Sunday, June 4, 2017

SJWs and Third Wave Feminists Have No Place in Entertainment: Get The Fuck OUT of the Industry!!!

Now I'm no fan of SJWs (social justice warriors for the unenlightened) and third wave feminists on general principle. How come? The short answer is both groups are hypocritical, obsessed with being politically correct and never listen to the opposing viewpoint but instead resort to shrillness both in tone and shutting down the other side (such as calling people who disagree "racist"). They are certainly as big of bullies as any of them would deem Donald Trump to be. I swear the man could eradicate cancer, give every US citizen a million dollars tax free, murder every domestic abuser & gang banger in the country and people would still hate his guts.

Take the Kathy Griffin incident. She does a photo where she's holding a bloody, severed head of Donald Trump, gets all kinds of public backlash, including from the Trump family THEN turns around a files a lawsuit against the Trump family for harassment. What kind of logic is that? Who is honestly seeing viability in this case?

If I were on that jury, I would think she brought any harassment she claims to have suffered on herself. How would she like it if someone did that holding HER severed head? Wouldn't her kids and her family have a right to be upset? Maybe nobody loves her and she has no children or family members who give a damn if she lives or dies. As she may not even be a natural redhead (I don't know), I should point out that not all natural redheads are uneducated liberal mouthpieces. Some of us actually have fully functioning brain cells and use our critical thinking skills. Yet it seems some brainwashed SJWs and third wave feminists are on her side and seem to think having a vagina makes you God. No, it doesn't.

This is perhaps one reason SJWs and third wave feminists have no business being in the industry but I can identify much closer to home reasons why they need to get the fuck out: they preach for superiority not equal opportunity & support censorship of dissenting viewpoints. They are more than happy to ignore the reality that freedom of speech and employment laws apply to straight white men just like anybody else. I'm actually a member of a social media group that deals with entertainment and some members post job ads.

One such ad sought a "female director" with no details on this project indicating that a female director was essential to doing the job and that a male couldn't do it at all. When one man pointed this out, a significant number of females and minorities chimed in on "why not" and didn't seem to get that "promoting diversity" is not an exception to federal labor laws. I, as an attorney, pointed out that this person just handed someone who could allege employment discrimination Exhibit A for their case to win against the offender trying to do this. Unless you can provide a "bona fide business reason" to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, and so forth, you don't get to do that. That's why you can't post a job ad saying "no blacks/Jews/Mexicans/Muslims/women/Irish/whatever" unless it's for an acting or modeling job where you're casting for a particular role or the designer has a particular demographic or body type for his/her collection. Abercrombie isn't required to hire full figured models for their ads anymore than a director is required to cast a woman to play Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet." Implicit discrimination is the same thing as explicit discrimination per legal precedence.

Some of these ignoramuses had the gall to think this was okay because of their dislike for straight white guys and their having lots of jobs in entertainment. Wow, what does that make you when you're telling some white guy "too bad" about this? Are you really any better than the white people who said that to black people who complained about segregation and employment discrimination?

Newsflash: there should be more diversity in Hollywood and the indie film world. But if you want that diversity, you need to be privately contacting female directors or gay filmmakers or whatever "diverse" category of choice person you wish to work with. Go find those people and network with them. Go seek out their works. Go ask those people who they know who might get overlooked generally but who is great at their craft. Get off your duff and start finding these people. Pay them what they are worth.

Most importantly, find the people who are good at this stuff regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Plenty of people are good on their own merits that they don't need some handout based on affirmative action. What they need is to get into the doors and for the gatekeepers to get to know them on their own merits. We need gatekeepers to have interactions with other groups where people in those groups are professional, humble and just as competent as anybody else without thinking they're God or entitled to anything because of some "minority" designation. We also need the people with talent to show they have it, not spend their time waiting around on a handout or demanding a handout. Almost nobody is handed a career in entertainment so people will heavily resent the whole "I'm a minority" card. If everyone else has to hustle, guess what entitled SJW/third wave feminist? YOU have to hustle too.

Any competent producer of worth hires based on the person, not their race/gender/nationality/orientation.

Maybe the biggest reason SJWs should not be in this field is that art is about telling a good story that everyone finds relatable in some fashion regardless of their race, gender, orientation. If you can tell me a story that might be about a culture or people who have nothing in common with me on the surface but as we go along, you show me there is commonality and a reason for me to empathize with these characters/this culture you're doing it right. If you sit down and say "I'm going to write a story that will appeal to women/gay men/Muslims/whoever," you're doing it wrong.

Art is not a segregated medium and should never be treated in that way. Being a good storyteller has nothing to do with your gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, political party and so forth. Your goal there is to show me how you see the world and why I should care about your world/perspective. A good writer is sharing a truth & I personally feel something that is great is something that makes me look at a situation differently, changes my perspective, shocks me, isn't predictable but ultimately shows me that we're really not so different from one another. Others may define their good in different ways but ultimately you're supposed to be telling a story that lots of people can relate to.

I think as an indie film person since I've heard all sorts of really nasty things about Hollywood and don't feel it's a world I could relate to. I'm the type who insists on doing things on her terms or not at all; I'm not about selling my soul or degrading myself to get someplace. I'd rather die with my morals than live as a puppet or a shill or a slave. There may be other "minorities" who feel like I do and there may be some willing to sell their souls. That's a personal decision and also has zero to do with race/gender/orientation/etc. Regardless, anyone should get the opportunity to do what they will.

Getting opportunity has nothing to do with special privileges you demanded from others, which never works in life. People hate feeling policed or like they MUST consider such things in hiring decisions. I've made my own stance on who I am clear in prior entries, even talking about why I wouldn't join a "women's group" and how I don't want to be known for being a "woman" this or that since I'm not some inferior who's just good at it "for a woman" or even "for a natural redhead."

Finally, to address the third wave feminists they don't belong in entertainment because getting offended at old white men calling you "sweetheart" or some other term of endearment that comes from their being from a different generation and time or even geographic region (these types would explode if they had to live in the South where such greetings from strangers are commonplace) is going to be a problem for all concerned. It creates drama as well as trite offense and nobody wants to deal with that. That rage needs to be saved for real sexual harassment situations like groping and being propositioned or told you have to come across to keep your job or get a role. Why not address that stuff instead of whining because someone said "good morning" to you? People who do that diminish real situations and actual victims of sexual harassment; they make things a hundred times harder on them.

Third wave feminist types embody the eggshell skull types we hear about in law school; actually so do SJWs. Those people bother me personally on many different levels and I'm always relieved and gratified to find others who feel the exact same way. Those others have tended to cross racial, gender, socioeconomic and sexual orientation lines. It gives me hope for the world.

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