Monday, March 24, 2014

Sex With Girls on "That Time of the Month"

So that's a topic I have some opinions on but hadn't really expressed before. I've also gotten some interesting observations & heard fun tales about it.

It seems men fall into 3 different categories when you ask them about their willingness to have sex with a girl on her period:

1. The "Ewww, you're bleeding! Get away from me!" crowd
2. The "I'll have sex with you but I'm not doing oral." folk
3. The "I don't care!" crowd who'll proudly perform oral on the girl without even thinking twice & brag about it to others later

Until more recently, I also though that whatever category a particular man fell into was set in stone & no way were you getting him to change his mind or be flexible on that (specifically referring to guys in the first 2 categories).

Most of the men I've met & dated fell into category #2; they generally weren't upset by the bleeding but wouldn't put their mouths there. Now personally, I'm okay with that. If guys bled every month (or thereabouts) I don't think I'D want to go down on one if he was bleeding there. If you disagree, you're not a very nice woman & you are in serious denial about how bad that time of the month can get.

Personally, it's kind of a deal breaker of mine for some guy to treat me like I've got the plague if I'm on that time of the month.

First off, I've had to deal with it a LOT longer than you (so has every other woman) & it's not like the guy's normally sleeping with a girl for every single day she's on that time of the month. If he had to deal with more than 3 days in the average 5-7 day cycle, that's a woman getting laid a lot more than I did when I've had it. Consider that some of us get stomach cramps & don't feel like doing much of anything on those days except downing some hard core medicine that will effectively make us functional despite the cramps. Personally, that's about 2 days of my cycle.

Second, you'd better be happy that woman's on her period since that means she isn't pregnant. It also means she's not anorexic or severely stressed out from some major life upheaval.

Third, if you really don't want to deal with a woman having her period I suggest you either start sleeping with post-menopausal women (and don't laugh since I met a guy who fell into category #3 whose dream was to become a gigolo to older ladies) or you can become a criminal & sleep with little girls, most likely encountering some angry relative who chops your dick off for molesting one or more of those little girls. And yes, you will likely be forced to sleep with little girls since due to hormones in food & everything girls start getting their periods much earlier. I got mine when I was 12. I've heard today the average start age is like 9.

In that lens, some woman being on her time of the month doesn't sound so bad does it?

Finally, I think guys who freak out about that are kind of wussy. I never actually dated or had a sexual relationship with anyone who gave a damn about it. Sorry, I'm used to a standard. Plus, I'm a natural redhead & natural redheads get away with so much more. The grooming standards & plenty of other stuff gets exempted if you're a natural redhead. No one really expects me to make the first move or get a Brazilian wax; the guys who do are morons I don't waste my time with & fit into maybe a 5% category (10% if you feel generous).

My instinct in hearing some guy falls into category #1 is "grow the fuck up!" You want us to be on board with lesbianism but you freak out over having sex with us when we're on that time of the month?!?! I think lesbianism for a straight woman is far more "too up close & personal" than a straight guy having sex with a straight woman on her period. Yet it seems those guys don't get it.

And then I met a category #1 guy who actually did the deed with a girl on her period. That fascinated me so I had to ask "why?" He said it was because he wasn't dating the girl & she was a sex buddy.

So, we'll break our preference on this for sex buddies? Okay, got it. I'm not sure it ever came up with the one in college. I just remember being involved in this conversation with sorority sisters & guys from a fraternity at GA Tech where we knew the members. I don't think I even brought it up; my sorority sisters & I were (and probably still are) some crass ladies. A lot of us were the type of women you could have tons of crazy conversations with & not get embarrassed. We even once had an unintentional porn night & it was more of an intellectual exercise than some male fantasy come to life. For the record, there was one guy in that conversation who fell into category #1 & we totally reamed him out (but in a less mean way) for it.

Any guy hanging around that scene would have been disappointed, though probably trying to initiate stuff with one or more of us. You can't watch porn with your straight male friends as an intellectual exercise unless you're okay with them trying to sleep with you (at least I can't).

Category #3 guys seem to be a lot more rare. I've only met 2 in my entire life, though maybe I hang around the wrong circles. Perhaps I don't know enough really freaky people & if I hung out in those circles more, maybe I'd meet more of those guys. For me it's like, "That's nice. If you want to taste that stuff, okay but I think it's kind of gross & it's coming out of me."

It's weird but this is not one of those things I tend to ask about early on, mostly because there isn't a really polite or clever way you can ask without it sounding gross. Maybe I should, though. Or find out if maybe this flexibility can happen if you're a redhead. After all, I apparently just show up & some guys will immediately approach me. Why can't it ever be one I find intoxicatingly attractive? Eh, pretty people problems. I'll shut up now.

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