Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 1st Amendment is Dead

Now, I'm even more certain of this considering this story where the NY Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Fascist Bloomberg.

Gee, last I checked the 1st Amendment didn't have an expiration date on it. It didn't have an addendum in there that said "You only have rights until others get upset or offended." I don't like seeing women with their nipples hanging out; if I'm a government body, does that give me a license to hand out bras or demand them to cover up with the threat of arrest & jail?? Maybe I should also get to beat the shit out of deadbeat parents who don't watch their kids without punishment because THAT offends me.

Michael Stallman just confirmed that the 1st Amendment is dead & I hope he knows he just signed off on bloody revolution. JFK even said it, "Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

How's about all you politicians shut the fuck up about patriotism, rights and any of that noise? How about you also start repealing more laws since rich people never get punished for anything unless they harm other rich people (see Bernie Madoff)? Even Congress gets to engage in insider trading while Martha Stewart & anyone else is punished for it.

What are you peaceniks going to do? I know I don't trust Fascist Bloomberg (since he's not worthy of my respect as I never voted for him, he's never acted in MY interest or did anything that helped me; he's nothing but a saboteur). I also know I don't trust the NYPD, or as I will refer to them from this day forward "the JP Morgan Chase Bank rent-a-cops". The law is clearly bought & sold by Bloomberg & his little cronies. Personally, I subscribe to the Malcolm X approach: "By any means necessary."

If these people are serious & are smart, they will not let these corrupt mayors & politicos piss on their rights. They will not cower or just play "peaceful" while getting beaten up anyway. I do hope immigrants are getting the message & people see what's happening. Are you free in the United States? HA! What a fucking joke! You're hilarious if you think the Constitution or the 1st Amendment mean a damn thing to these assholes; clearly it does not.

The establishment cheerleaders who continue feeding us this fiction need to get the hell out of here & move to a "real" repressive regime. Go to Libya or some other country where thinking is unnecessary. Then, you can watch your shitty reality shows while the rest of us do something productive. At least go here to find out what's actually going on instead of regurgitating Fox News or some other mainstream outlet.

Ironic I'm saying the 1st Amendment is dead when we still have online blogs & so forth. When we still have television shows independent of government control. All I can say is don't get comfortable. Government control will be more obvious & it's coming much sooner than you think. Consider the latest attempt to censor the Internet via SOPA. Here's a way to fight back.

Are you also outraged at the douchebags in NYC? Well, there is one city council member who is a human being. This gentleman was at the censorship crusade & even got injured at the hands of the JP Morgan Chase rent-a-cops. I made a special effort to call their offices & thank him for participating as well as supporting free speech rights. I was also happy to see in that AP story linked above that there are some government officials who aren't too busy sucking the collective rich's dick to represent ALL their constituents, not just the ones who contributed the most campaign money.

I encourage people to contact these offices & thank these folks. At the same time, here are some links to contact Fascist Bloomberg & others.

Key members of the Bloomberg Administration, including the head rent-a-cop who you can send an e-mail to.

You can also try calling the general City Hall number (you can get this by clicking on the name of a deputy mayor) or using this. I warn you, they just expect you to go to 311 since Bloomberg refuses to be accountable to the people; maybe his special friends have some private number to reach him? If you get it & post it publicly, you'll be my hero + ally. If you out him as a homosexual, my husband won't be surprised.

I also wonder whether Eric Schneiderman, the state Attorney General, knew about all this little raid & decided not to go to City Bar tonight because he didn't want to face the heat from the intelligent of us who would call him to task on it. Seems an awful lot to me like he knew something & will continue to let rich people ride shotgun in NYC, including Fascist Bloomberg. If he thinks people will have forgotten by the end of February, he may be in for a rude awakening. If you're so inclined, you can make a comment here. Do I sound paranoid? Not really if you consider the history of corruption in NY.

Please don't say a word to me about the Constitution or the 1st Amendment having real teeth or effectiveness. The US is as much a fascist regime as any other & I'll maintain that stance unless or until there's a new sheriff in town who's not from the same old corrupt boardroom, Congress or other institute of insulation designed for the scum of the Earth. I think the right to speak anonymously is only going to be more important & it's high time to go outside the system. These jerks had also better pray very hard that I end up financially successful or they're going to be very, very sorry. See other entries for what happens to smart people when you leave them with no way to actually do something GOOD in society.

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