Monday, May 9, 2011

"I'm Looking for a Ho"

That's what the heading of this ad should be. Instead, it's "PT Attractive Personal Assistant w Open Mind Needed ASAP." Here's the rest:

Quite simply, I need a great looking, female assistant to help with domestic chores laundry, dishes, general housekeeping, personal errands and some business related tasks. You must also be open minded sexually, be ok with providing me with massage and possibly some sensual play. I am not some gross 60 year old fat guy that can't get a girl, I am simply focused on other priorities in my life right now, need some domestic and business support and felt that I would try to also include a way to satisfy my own sensual needs as I do not want a deep intimate relationship right now.

I am 37, white, clean, respectful, intelligent, creative and professional. I am tattooed, have a beard am 5'10, 190 lbs, in pretty good shape (I play hockey and box) and am pretty fun to be around in general.

I would probably only require your help 3 times a week for 4-5 hours a day and would pay you a flat rate of $500 even if it is less time than that each week.

Please reply telling me a little about you and include a picture in your first reply.

Finally, I have alot to offer from a business standpoint and am willing to help mentor and guide someone with their own professional goals. I say this as I would expect that some of you who may entertain this type of a role may be using it as a stepping stone or temporary method to make money while working to achieve something else, if that is the case I am more than willing to share with you 20 years of professional insight and experience in a broad range of business.

Please reply with a picture and brief bio.


Location: Wburg -$500 p/week
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: $500+ per week

PostingID: 2371658836

Seriously, what the holy hell is this? Has this moron never heard of a thing called prostitution? The EEOC? Labor laws? Why doesn't he just pay for a prostitute & stop wasting people's time posting ads like this?

Maybe I take it seriously because I know people who've been victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. I also don't like seeing shit like this in sections of Craig's List where legitimate entertainment employers post ads & that are for LEGAL, LEGITIMATE jobs.

This crap makes us all look like wannabe pornographers who give out jobs based on how well one can manipulate our private parts. Couldn't be further from the truth. I certainly never got a job based on sex, thank you. Same goes for many, many people I know who work in entertainment including a number of actors.

Don't you just want this guy's dick to fall off from disease contracted from the lucky applicant or perhaps for him to suffer severe permanent injury there after he pisses the lovely lady off in some way? And we wonder why some women hate men.

He should at least be posting this in the personals section since if this isn't a personal matter, then what on Earth is?

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