Friday, May 13, 2011

General Musings Part 21

Once again, a bunch of links & a moment to comment on them. Also having some personal stuff going on but let's just say that Friday the 13th continues to be a day of good omens for me. Not sure why, but it is. Most people wouldn't have gotten married on Friday the 13th or worn a black wedding dress but I've been married over 4 & 1/2 years and am still happy w/my man. Obviously, the non-traditional approach works for me.

Aside from that, it's on to the comments/rants.

* First off, if you don't see the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death as some political tactic you need to get your head out of your ass & stop watching reality TV. Apparently, Michael Moore also thought something was up. Now, personally however Bin Laden died, I think he got exactly what he deserved. If you want people to sympathize with you and not cheer when you're dead, you don't go murdering innocent people & bragging about it with zero remorse. I didn't cheer when he died but I also didn't feel sad. I just felt nothing. My instant though was "Obama's guaranteed his re-election." Just before that news, his poll ratings were at a significant low, gas prices were rising and the economy was down the tubes.

Now, most of that is still happening but I feel like it was strategically placed news to take wind from the sails of the Republicans & the Tea Party. Even my mother says political games are at work here.

If you disagree, you're part of the problem & a total sheep. You should be deported to some country where illegals are from & we should get to exchange citizenship to a hardworking illegal who does ask questions instead of you, who may as well be a slave somewhere. If Mexico & some other places go for it, how about it?

That leads to another point: if the Republicans want to win an election, why can they not run a moderate candidate? Someone that has a brain and makes points that aren't just rubber stamped by the idiots among us. I know there are some & they could do better than people like Sarah Palin who are national jokes.

Personally, if Donald Trump ran that "I admit I'm a bastard" campaign & didn't start attending some Baptist church or apologizing for his past deeds while running for President that would earn my respect; that would be showing honesty. I can at least get behind his views on foreign aid since we've got our own house to clean. Being altruistic isn't admirable when you do it at the expense of YOUR citizens, family, whoever you're responsible for taking care of.

Would you like a father who fed food to a random homeless man while letting his kids starve? I'm sure people would want that man to be lynched. Giving foreign aid out while letting US citizens suffer may as well be the same thing.

* I say "hell yes" to women owning guns. So does this woman. Get proper training & punish people for not acting in self-defense, but damn skippy women should be able to protect themselves!

I'm also for self-defense training and until government starts providing funding for all women to get it regardless of their financial means, we should really consider these points. When the MTA has no liability to me if I get raped in one of their stations, I assert that my right to protect myself trumps any city interest in banning types of weapons. The bad guys will get them anyway & we know it's just a cheap attempt to prevent the violent overthrow of the corrupt government that exists. Every thinking person knows government on all levels has some form of corruption; just a fact.

Free tip: anyone who's determined enough to do something wrong will do it. Plain and simple. All the laws, regulations & security cameras on Earth won't stop it.

* So if more people were like this guy, we'd have far fewer problems. Makes one want to offer to represent him in court pro bono or mentor him.

People bashing this guy, again are examples of sheep who should be exchanged for some of the hard working illegals who do embody the spirit of this country.

Oh, and if you have a lifetime ban on doing business w/some company if they screwed you, why the hell would you care? If you've screwed me over, I'll never do business with you again. Why would I need a formal ban for this? Makes no sense. Plus, if you were wrong how about admitting it and not being a dick? Did we ever think of that?

* Speaking of corporate stupidity, I like this comment that a poster named Jon made on this story. Here it is:

Twitter gaffs happen because people are too fricking sensitive, think their feelings matter when they *opted in* to follow another person's thoughts, and because the Twitter user can't police the people who follow them.

I put corporations that fire a spokesperson over something said on Twitter in the same category as managers who don't hire a young person because the manager snooped on that person's Facebook page and found out that they OMG got drunk at a party in college #shameonthem. I.E., shooting themselves in the foot. Giving up a qualified job candidate for something they did in their personal life is absurd.

Take Godfried as an example: Eventually, if you fire enough people for making Twitter gaffs, no one will want to work for you. Or you'll offend more people who supported the spokesperson (a number no doubt larger than the number who were offended), who now aren't interested in your products because they think your company overreacted.

I think he's got a point. I hope it comes to be that a company known for this sort of thing loses potential workers b/c they feel they'll have no room to be themselves or customers who think their policies are just draconian. Remember, customers watch you & scrutinize your behavior just as much as you scrutinize an applicant. I certainly do so watch out. I can take my dollars elsewhere & have.

* Finally, this is why I'm not flying unless it's on a private plane. I should almost thank the person who never contacted me about that job where I'd have had to travel & deal with this crap. Just one more in the series of employers who ultimately wasted my time & contributed to my distrust of people as a whole. What's new?

On the bright side, I did have a conversation with that estranged friend today and maybe that friend can be someone I trust in that next life phase. At least I don't have to worry about being pestered for favors or used for things by this person; nor am I required to hold my tongue on matters of the gigolo or do him any favors b/c I don't help scumbags who hurt my friends.

The thing that got me mad in the first place was at least resolved. Guess what? If you don't want me to reference you or you have a problem w/my right to have feelings & freedom of speech, you don't get to be in my circle or read my status updates. I'm a creative person & a writer; daring to intervene in that process is telling me to give up my identity. If you want that, then you have no business around me.

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