Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Bullshit Begins Once Again: 90 Days

So if my spouse didn't already hate his job, he's just gotten yet another layoff letter. The pussies who staff his job didn't even have the guts to do it before Friday afternoon or hang around; how textbook predictable! They deserve everything they get & boy will they suffer if I've got anything to say about it.

Yeah, there may be a funding reprieve again but he & I have had enough. When a place makes you work in a blizzard aftermath when roads aren't even cleared and sidewalks are dangerous to walk on + the director doesn't even show up (despite not having to personally drive on the roads), that's a sign that you are no more regarded than a piece of used chewing gum. These assholes don't give a damn about anyone's families or how they might feel if something happened to their loved one. On top of that, there is zero advancement opportunity or recognition from this top brass when my spouse does well. Those jobs aren't worth it for your soul, mental health or psyche.

Oh, and asshole? Some of your employees are married to people like The Angry Redheaded Lawyer. Note that very carefully. For the stupid or dense, let me break it down:

A) "Angry": meaning the person already has some rage issues & you aren't helping by screwing w/her household & her soulmate's peace of mind.
B) "Redheaded": meaning that if you know anything about natural redheads, you know that we all have tempers and have a persecution complex
C) "Lawyer": meaning the person knows what the laws are & can probably get legal representation for a loved one much quicker than the average person; not to mention just the technical advantage of having someone around who knows the law better than you

So mix all that together. Do you really think it's a good idea to go around pissing off people who are friends/loves of folk like The Angry Redheaded Lawyer? If you do, you're just asking for some type of creepy misfortune. Life will likely hand it to you.

As was the case before, my husband getting laid off means the past 24 years of my life were a total waste. It also means I have no reason to care about things like law & order or flying right. Why do they not lay off the HR people or other middle manager types who aren't doing anything except "support functions" that could be handled by the lazy pricks themselves? They've had a hiring freeze for nearly 2 years now so what is HR doing other than being leeches on the taxpayers' dime? They can't even perform their jobs competently!

Gee, decimate someone's life. How do you they're going to feel when they are in the same boat they'd have been in had they put in zero effort to do anything or move upward?

When you find your best efforts leave you stuck as a serf, there's no point. If I'd lived in a time where there was no way to escape whatever social class and lifestyle you were born into, I'd have killed myself very early on. I was quite a mature kid & knew BS when I saw it. It's not every 15 year old that institutes an EEOC complaint against a potential employer when the employer interviews her then tells her months later that she had to be 16 even though no such signs were posted, she never lied about her age + was given an interview regardless.

There is no therapist, medication or mental health facility that could encourage me to accept my entire life & everything I worked for crashing down around me because of some bureaucratic billionaire piece of shit who personally fucked me over + would never have the balls to admit it to my face even in the presence of a whole team of bodyguards. There's a lot of players involved but our beloved mayor Bloomberg has significant fault here.

If you were going to drug me to accept my new life where I have no privacy & never get to have marital relations w/my spouse, why not just give me acid, cocaine, heroin or some illegal hard drug? You'd simply be creating a drug addict, not solving my problems. Me going to my hometown or living with my parents would mean death and I'm not just saying that. I suffered significant depression when I was in NC after graduating from college; no medical diagnosis since you know true depression when you get it.

If I'd stayed, I'd have felt like my 4 years were a waste. You'll notice the love of my life did not live in the South.

Life is also far too short to spend it on things you hate. Maybe these "readjust your priorities" types should lose a family member at a young age like I did. Then they might get it. They should also have jobs where they're not getting paid or be solicited by scammers. Have some of my experiences and then talk to me. The more you have, the more likely I'll take you seriously.

I still maintain that if I go down, I'm going down swinging. I'll go down on my terms and in my way regardless of anyone else's views. They haven't lived my experiences, my existence or overcome the things I had to in order to be where I am today. Most of these same people probably had Mommy & Daddy hand them everything to never really experience hardship, pain, poverty or any real problems.

Is it no wonder people become criminals? Maybe if you gave smart people opportunities to do things & gave them some viable support, you might have good stuff out of the US. They support their academically inclined in other countries & don't saddle them with non-dischargeable student loans in the six figures in a job marketplace where the low five figure salaries rule the day.

That "suffering life" nonsense is for the birds. I'm not about to do it for anyone and it's not a positive model for any kid. All you're telling them is that you should gladly eat shit when the establishment serves it to you & do it with a smile. Maybe the corrupt forces & morons are all for it but I'm simply not that corrupt or stupid. I think people should be educated enough to make their own decisions.

Remember that when you have been robbed of everything dear to you, you should NEVER "go gentle into that good night." You have an obligation to everyone who's been trampled on to fight hard and stand up for yourself in whatever way you have to.

See, I form significant impressions of you based on your actions & how you treat me or my friends/loved ones. One bitchy entertainment law attorney in my locale will learn that the hard way. She'd better never meet me since I'll call her out on it.

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