Friday, December 10, 2010

General Musings Part 13

More stories, more stuff to comment on. Let's see if I can logically link these up.

First off, some hilarious articles on Cracked. Both relate to courtroom or police procedure. Damn movies!! (sarcasm)

I also agree that these are laughable lawsuits, though I'm completely shocked that neither the infamous hot coffee nor the "McDonalds made me fat" lawsuit made the list (why do all these famous cases of stupid involve McDonalds?).

I don't really think the judge suing the dry cleaner was so much laughable as proving a point. The thong one was just disturbing & one example of the many cringe inducing injuries people suffer in personal injury cases. Study this stuff in law school & you'll just be grossed out as well as terrified of doing ANYTHING since you'll end up with one of these creepy injuries.

You definitely shouldn't read medical malpractice cases or you'll be too terrified to ever have surgery.

I read this one on Yahoo & apparently one of these dealers wants to go to law school. I'll tell you this: if the character & fitness committee lets this jerk become a lawyer in NY or CT, they'd better hope I'm doing well enough to not notice or I'll be leading a charge to raise holy hell. You'll hassle poor people about finances but you're going to let drug dealers who was likely born to money in without a second look at the record (and were these kids even hurting for cash)??? That's a sign of hypocrisy & makes the whole "character & fitness exam" a joke.

Oh, and if indebted attorneys wanted sympathy for their cause to the general public, it might behoove them to act more like this guy. I'm completely shocked to see an attorney perform an altruistic act since that almost never happens, even among fellow attorneys. Honestly, I think the key to getting reform is getting a loudmouth figurehead who's media friendly as well as someone your average person can get behind such as the underdog or the (wo)man of the people who doesn't think (s)he is better than the rest b/c of being a lawyer & stands tough no matter what. Not some critical, bitchy type who dictates to people or whines about their lot in life (male or female, I see a lot of this going on & I can't have sympathy for someone like that). Could you respect someone who's worried more about what the other attorneys think of them than about doing what's right? If you're whining so much about the unfairness & then do nothing, I can't. You have to solve your own problems & make changes in your life. God helps those who help themselves, not whiners waiting for a sign from Heaven.

I highly agree that retailers shouldn't give stuff like this to celebrities. But bravo to you, Patton Oswalt for not being another greedy douchebag. Me, I wouldn't use this kind of thing so much since I have a sensitive stomach & care about my health; I'd rather share the wealth. Remember the Baskin Robbins discussion in "Supersize Me?" I do.

Oh, and this just irked me & made me grateful to work in my field. God forbid you have a personality, right? Suck all the fun out of a so-called "fun" event. No wonder people don't want to go to holiday parties at work. At least the one I went to before law school was black tie so I got to wear my white "Cinderella dress." Yes, I love dressing up. What of it? Any opportunity to do it & I will, especially if it makes me look different from the crowd. As I've said a hundred times before, I firmly believe one can dress tastefully without looking like a frumpy old hag or some robot in a business suit.

Going back to a work issue, I saw this topic on the Evil HR Lady blog. Religion at work: what a loaded issue.

I have to agree w/those who say that they don't mind talk of God + other spiritual entities or people's personal beliefs (you're also welcome to pray for me if you wish) but that when you try to convert, you are crossing the line.

I'm quite mindful of this kind of thing, especially because I lived in the South and some people are of the mind that if you aren't religious you just crawled up from Hell or need to be saved this instant. That can be the first question out of people's mouths & it's insensitive to my non-religious spouse.

I think we also need to be respectful of ALL people regardless of beliefs since conversion attempts are just as annoying as pestering women to have kids or telling someone what to eat.

I'm glad this guy got what was coming to him. Threaten me & I'll dare you to show up. Then my spouse will have organized a posse & it will kill you (that is, if I haven't first). Not to mention me threatening you with a lawsuit, collection agency or attacking you myself. I'm not a fair fighter, either. This is why I never understood kids at my school who'd start their fights in the hallway during break time or in the courtyard at lunch. Some teacher would be there in a second to break it up.

If you got in a fight with me, you'd be doing it when kids are in class. When some teacher isn't going to see it in 5 seconds. In other words, I don't play around so you'd better be taking it seriously & ready to go toe to toe. Just you, not your little buddies. I still take that view so if you challenge me, you'd better be ready to throw down. Hell, if this guy had ever crossed my path & tried that w/me I'd have probably cut his dick off or done something just as bad. Redheads don't play, you know?

Finally, I saw this story today & I find it interesting. If I was a manager or publicist, I'd really be pissed about the celebrity I worked with screwing me up with Twitter antics. You know those people probably still get the blame over stuff like that, right?

I can see both sides of the issue. On the one hand, I think it can improve a famous person's image to be accessible to the people & be more human. Humanization isn't necessarily a bad thing; sometimes it can help. On the other hand, if you're some loose cannon idiot who doesn't have privacy blockers and makes it a point to trash your studio, producer, whomever for no good reason then maybe you deserve what you get. Sometimes you're probably better off not showing the world that you really aren't worthy of its idolization. Granted, no one's going to get my idolization so it's a non-issue w/me. If your fortunes depend on the person, though, I can see where you might not want the celeb to have a Twitter account.

What do my industry folk think? Should celebrities use Twitter or lose it? My feeling is it depends.

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