Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For Those Whiny Folks Who Don't Get the Whole SOPA Blackout

Get a freaking clue!!! SOPA & PIPA are basically an attempt to chop off someone's arm to stop the bleeding from a paper cut. Craig's List, Wikipedia and other sites are participating in this blackout (including yours truly, whose website was blocked a little later today as I'm not tech savvy & had to tell my webmaster about it; I would block this one but I don't know how to do it on Blogger).

Chris Dodd, head of the MPAA, former politician and your basic 1%er (i.e. most likely a corrupt scumbag vs. the rich folk who have fully functioning brains & have actually USED the Internet regularly) is a moron who apparently is all butt hurt by the whole blackout. Maybe he also has a problem with the 1st Amendment's guarantee of free speech when it isn't for HIS friends or something putting money in HIS pocket.

I wouldn't be shocked if this was true, especially since he's a champion of Internet censorship under the guise of stopping piracy instead of adapting to modern times & changing his organization's outdated business model.

I'd also like to know where he was when This Film is Not Yet Rated was being done & what he's doing + done about the so-called MPAA reforms.

And would someone explain to me just when school kids were allowed to use Wikipedia as a credible research source for schoolwork? Back in college (about 10 years ago), we were expressly forbidden to use Wikipedia for research papers. We were told by professors that it was NOT a credible resource & we could only use scholarly resources for our work. That same speech was given when I was in high school doing a research paper in my 10th grade Honors Seminar class (a combined English/Social Studies class for those ranking higher than mere Honors classes--in 11th & 12th grade, this would be AP). If you'd used it in my time, you'd have been brought up on plagiarism & failed the work. Even writing sites I worked on are strict about plagiarism & say they will check your work to make sure it's original. If you get caught, you're gone with no second chances.

What's with all these high school kids freaking out about the lack of Wikipedia?? Maybe they should get off their butts & do proper research, then? You think lawyers get to use Wikipedia when writing briefs and presenting papers to the court? They don't!!! That's like having a doctor use Operation to perform surgery.

If I were an instructor & you used it as your source in my class, I would fail your ass & publicly shame you. Let Mommy & Daddy whine, cry & try suing me! I'd tell their lawyer directly that (s)he was a desperate moron if they would even take that case to start with. I'd also have to ask what (s)he thinks the grievance committee or a judge would say about a lawyer using Wikipedia in papers to the court or to the partners in a law firm. It also goes without saying that I'd have to call those parents deadbeats & entitlemoos (to borrow a childfree term) who should never have bred to start with. To their faces, I might add.

Please tell me education in this country has not fallen that low. If it has, we will have very few skilled professionals in the next generation.

Lastly, if you want to see what happens when a childfree person has a child, I suggest you read the book "We Need to Talk About Kevin" by Lionel Shriver. I didn't get to read it all but of what I did read, it epitomizes why you're an idiot if you think a person who doesn't want to do something as important as be a parent should do it anyway.

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