Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Got a Published Blog Post!!!

If you read this blog, you're not going to be all that shocked with it & probably read about it before but I feel it's a topic that is sorely ignored & really shouldn't be.

I actually saw 2 posts on this blog about unemployment & thought they were very well written, cogent and made fine points. Especially this one on how to solve unemployment in 4 easy steps.

This blog author & I have a lot of commonalities when it comes to that viewpoint. If Craig's List ads are any indication, I think respect for employees is sorely lacking among far too many employers. It also doesn't help when you read HR blogs & career service experts constantly espousing the exact opposite viewpoint to #2 in this list.

Now I don't really call myself a liberal or a conservative; I'm more of a free thinker. I won't tell you I'm a political expert or know a ton about economics but I definitely know shady behavior & BS when I see it. It's probably why I don't really "play nice with others" or sit back and let injustice happen.

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