Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Redhead Fetishists & Our Possible Future As Sex Workers

Being a redhead isn't a pretty business. Here's an example of the shit I have to deal with b/c of my natural hair color:

Redhead - m4w - 33 (CT)

I love redheads. If you are a redhead, pla contact. I will do anything for you.


Location: CT
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 3650555801

Posted: 2013-03-09, 2:47PM EST

Now I'm wondering does this guy mean natural redheads or is okay with the fakes. There's a serious difference.

Who thinks I should ask this guy to pay off my student loan debts? No catches, no nothing. Remember the text of this ad says "I will do anything for you." It doesn't say squat about the redhead having to do something. Hey, if you want sexual favors for something, you've got to spell that out in your ads! Otherwise the lawyers like me will call you out on it & brand you a liar.

If I weren't married, I'd have to challenge this statement. Find the ad in Craig's List Missed Connections in NYC if you're so inclined to follow up on it.

Damn it, I want my student loans paid off!

I only browse the Missed Connections section if I'm really bored. One of my sorority sisters in Atlanta was once the subject of one (she found out & posted it on Facebook) so I always wonder if that has happened to me. God knows I get enough compliments on my appearance. Not that I'd follow up or anything but it's one of those "I can't help but wonder" type things. My husband & I thought of posting such ads to each other as a lark.

This ad is a textbook example of the redhead fetishist. Nearly every group and type you can think of has fetishists in it, people who only like someone b/c of their race, hair color, weight, etc. instead of the actual person inside.

My high school boyfriend was such a redhead fetishist. He made a whole big production about dating a redhead; the way you'd hear him talk, it was all about my looks instead of me, the person (who was probably as crazy & complex as today). Too bad that whole fetish wasn't enough for him to bother being faithful to me before the prom, which I didn't find out about until after graduation. The bastard (I dated quite a few of those)!

It also makes me wonder if half the guys who've approached me did so b/c they think about what they've heard about redheads & have assumptions about me. Higher sex drives, more likely to be interested in freakier stuff & more are some of what you'll hear about natural redheads. Maybe we natural redheads should get to start carrying tasers for our own safety. I certainly don't know of any who would object to doing so.

Reading this ad after reading these two stories about interview processes that employers should be shot for and about the "new normal" in student loan debt make me wonder if attractive young people are going to have to seek out fetishists who have money in order to get someplace in this life. Or if people in general will have to do that.

I totally see stuff like that happening with the pathetic prospects in store for people right now. If someone did that successfully, they could probably become a working class hero especially if they managed to use human nature against one of the members of "the evil 1%."

I'm kind of surprised none of the law school scam bloggers have suggested this (pimping yourself out, I guess we could call it) as a solution to paying off student loan debt. Perhaps most lawyers aren't what we would brand as "industry pretty" so maybe this approach wouldn't work for them? Maybe they lack charm, likeability & charisma to successfully get someone to do such things (if you're insincere about the person it's manipulation but if you have some warm feeling for them I think "manipulation" is the wrong word)? But if you're in dire straits wouldn't you use each and every asset, advantage, and skill you've got to get out of that situation?

One has to wonder about that future. Maybe once this happens, people will get off their butts & protest. I don't think people want society at large to be that Reba McEntire song "Fancy." I'm not a country fan at all but I heard someone sing this song at my karaoke place in Atlanta & you could see the lyrics at this place. I read them; they are fucking dark & depressing. Read them for yourself & tell me that's not one of the most depressing songs out there.

Country tricks you as a genre; it doesn't sound like it but when you read many of the song lyrics, some of them are just as dark as anything from the goth point of view.

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