Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My First Interview

So if you go here to the blog of the lovely & talented Cognac Wellerlane of Cognac's Corner Magazine, you can see me being interviewed. I appear at 8:17 or so.

You may want to watch Lindsay Lowe's interview before that though, since she's just totally awesome. She's told me she's scared of me even though you have to earn my angry redheaded lawyer wrath & she hasn't.

Plus, she never gave me the impression I had to censor myself around her & those people can be very hard to find. In the legal field, finding someone like that is like looking for a vampire unicorn: not just rare, but super rare.

Oh, and since I did speak about One Way though it was mostly an interview on me I want to acknowledge the rest of our team: Cassandra Riddick (our wonderful COO who is so much better with the financial stuff than any of us [me, at least] & is always on top of things; if I ask her about something, she's already gotten everything done for it), Brian Ackely (our Head of Development; if you've managed to earn his wrath for a lifetime, you're probably more detestable than a child molester, serial killer & Congress combined--he's a good counterbalance to people like Princeton & myself) & J. Lynn Menzel (the lady responsible for the gorgeous artwork you see for any of our projects; she's also the one who got us the cool One Way shirts for NY Comic Con; I know if you saw them, you'd want one also).

These are the sort of people you need on a team if you want to be a success (especially an entertainment company). You need creative minds, people who are dedicated & determined to make things go well and people who aren't afraid to tell you to lighten up when necessary. If everyone's in a hive mentality, you're doomed. You also can't have everyone be an enforcer & no one being willing to give people another chance at bat if they make a minor mistake the first time. Too much of anything is bad; moderation makes things better.

There are also our great actors & actresses like Jace Nicole. You may know I went to a day of shooting for The Butterfly Chasers & wrote in this blog about my experience as an extra. Seriously, good people both in front of & behind the camera. I see good things for this film & our family members.

I'm always embarrassed as hell to see myself on camera. I'm convinced I look bad. Same with pictures. I never think I look good & the best you'll get from me is that I don't look horrible.

I'm getting a little more out of that mindset but I don't lie about being very self-conscious. I never watch performances of myself since I'll nitpick over every little thing I do. That's usually when my husband or others tell me to shut up & stop putting myself down. My husband will outright threaten to hurt me or do something I won't like if I don't stop saying bad things about myself. I'm always convinced I'm horrible. Like now, I'll tell you Lindsay's much better at this interviewing stuff than I am & didn't muck up the website addresses she had like I did at the end.

More details on the Macabre Film Festival when I have more time (and I've got pictures of stuff I bought!). Still dealing with hubby's job hunt (and now he has the flu; isn't THAT lovely?) & it seems I'll have to go grocery shopping tomorrow to make sure we have essentials. Let's just hope I don't have to deal with the crazy "it's gonna snow" hoarders taking everything. I have to take crazy precautions (including wearing a surgical mask + making Sick Boy sleep elsewhere) & hope I don't get it since I've not had the flu since middle school.

Me with the flu = high fever (we're talking 102 at least for me to really feel like crap), throwing up (which I hate & is probably a huge reason I don't drink), falling asleep & waking up a billion times in a day and total misery for anyone who has to be around me (at least if I'm conscious).

A friend of mine told me to load up on calcium if you want to avoid getting sick. It might work since the last time my husband was sick, it was either food poisoning or something contagious (the doctor wasn't sure). At the time, I was taking these Vitamin D pills that also had calcium in them. I never got sick. He may be on to something. Hopefully, those hoarders won't have taken all the Tru-Moo Chocolate Milk since that's what I plan to look for.

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