Friday, December 21, 2012

How's The "End of the World" Treating You?

I knew it was BS the minute I heard about it & I'm sure those of you who read this blog felt the same. My religious upbringing says no one knows when the end of the world will happen. I'm very glad that no one I knew took it seriously. Heck, I'm going to a party this evening & have to start making a cake for it shortly.

In the meantime, as holidays are nearly here & I'll be mega-busy here's something you may find helpful. We all know I don't abide by criminals & nastiness to folk so here's how to keep yourself safe from scammers & other criminals (special thanks to Trisha Wiley):

Also, make sure to watch for the fake charities especially the ones springing up right after some tragedy. I heard a story just yesterday about someone creating a fake charity to exploit the shooting in Connecticut. Verify who you're giving to or better yet, start helping people in your own backyard. I'm sure you have some family member, friend or a member of the community facing hard times who might not even need money but would appreciate you buying a meal or some kind words. The fakes & people who use all the "donation" money to pay for fundraising efforts & Executive VP pay are why I am very selective in my giving efforts (which I've covered elsewhere). To me, why am I paying for your Executive VP or other high ranking exec to get a Mercedes or a mansion while I have six figure student loan debt to pay? Some people are in even worse shape & it's sick to expect them to finance that mess. Frankly, those groups can get bent.

To the charities/non-profits who aren't corrupt: I salute you & hope you keep doing the awesome work you do.

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