Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wow, More Reason to Hate Lawyers

So I've written a bit on the Occupy Wall St. protests in NYC. More people were arrested from it yesterday since it went onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Now, of course I'm not actively participating since I do have a place to live & some incentive to a pro-social existence. Let me tell you, it will be a very dangerous day for mankind as a whole if I don't have that.

I decided to do some researching to see if any other lawyers are really speaking about it or have observations. I go to the National Lawyers Guild website since this group is the one I mentioned that is supposed to be advocating for 1st Amendment protections and helping protestors who are the victims of police brutality. They are also supposed to attend major protests to keep things under control. I actually am not a member because I strongly disagree with their stance on illegal immigration.

Well, do you think I've seen a SINGLE announcement or remark on this on their website? HELL NO! Nor do you see a word about it on the ABA website. If you didn't think the ABA was controlled by big money interests, this is your obvious proof. Yet, I do see this mentioned among the scam blogger crowd, non-traditional media outlets & people I know on social media.

Seems it's a very good thing I don't watch mainstream US media. I did learn that apparently, the Canadian media is covering the story. Good to hear someone is.

Honestly, I stick by my earlier story that it's not going to end well for these defenders of the man or the man himself. However, I'm also truly disgusted with the legal community as a whole.

I don't see a word about any of these attorneys going to help any of the arrested people at the protests. No getting arrested themselves, no donating money, nothing. Maybe some of them should get off their butts, stop whining about their own problems & get "legal experience" by taking on some defense for these people. How many unemployed lawyers are there in NYC? If you believe the reports, there are a TON. This should confirm whose pocket some of these groups are in & should be an obvious answer to any question about why I dislike bar associations & lawyers as a whole.

I think attorneys who aren't even talking about this or acknowledge that The Angry Redheaded Lawyer was right in foreseeing this prove that they only care about being virtual prostitutes for Corporate America. As in, they could care less about advocating for the people or anyone who actually NEEDS legal services but would rather do their best to keep the common person down. Guess what, guys? It affects you as well as any police officer, though I know the police are protected by a strong union & lawyers aren't.

Consider your ethical obligations, being a public servant & all that noise. Seems most attorneys are simply hypocrites. Don't even get me started on politicians. I think I'm going to keep the phrase "political cockroaches" to describe career politicians; that is what they are, right? It's next to impossible to get rid of them & they are a plague. One of my friends wondered what would happen if a member of Congress gave up their high priced salary & medical benefits. Commenters predicted that the person would go MIA or such a bill created for all would die in committee but I'd personally have respect for that person whereas right now, I have none for politicians. For you politicians, you'd better hope I know you from some other context or if you end up in a life-death situation where I'm the only one who can help you, I'll most likely watch you die & not feel very guilty about it.

At least I have other anti-lawyers to talk to who get it since I know most of these whiny attorneys will not (read some comments on ABA stories if you wonder what I mean by that).

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