Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Hate on Me Because I'm Skinny

I just saw this story yesterday, after getting more details on an extra gig I'm doing this evening. That will be #4, meaning that I'd better pick my next one very carefully since I plan to unofficially retire from extra work. I have my own projects in line & don't want to become known as "that extra." When you look like me & there's so few people around who do, you run into that potential problem. I'll only do gigs after my 5th one if I get asked & have the time in my schedule.

Anyhow, I read that yesterday & agree that it sucks that the employees got treated that way. I'm all for wanting to file suit if it was some sneaky way to get rid of higher paid, older workers.

That's not what has me ticked. Read the comments.

Notice all the skinny hate? People get all whiny & mad when fat people or anyone higher than size X get ridiculed. Yet, the same "big is beautiful" crowd will turn around & make cracks about skinny women. Like "size 2 & 4 women are meth addicts, teenagers, suffering from eating disorders, Asian, flat chested, exercise excessively, etc."

Guess what? I'M a size 2 and I'm none of this crap. The most I did was take my intro Jiu Jitsu course a month ago. Otherwise, I don't even leave my house that much & really don't work out save the occasional walk to the bank or some other place I have to go.

I also don't starve myself or feel pressured to be skinny. I've always been skinny (I was a size 5 in high school). Forget about me gaining weight until I hit 40 or so. I couldn't gain weight if I wanted to. This is a genetic thing: my mom was a size 7 until around that time & this was after having both me + my sister.

If you're a size 2, what's life like? I'll tell you.

* You have to rummage around to find clothing that fits you & doesn't cost a fortune. Know what it's like to have to find someone who can alter your stuff so it fits you properly? The only business suit I have that makes me look like a bad ass came from a store that is tailored to Asian women.

* You have family members wonder why you're so thin & fear you getting thinner even though you don't diet. Telling me to go on a diet or eat super health food would earn you a good, hearty laugh & convince me you're stupid.

* You have to worry about being sexually harassed or getting treated as a sex object. Not really an issue for me since I've been in more academic settings & don't conduct myself as a typical flirty girl. If I did, I'd have 1,000 times more haters. At least I'm a natural redhead so I have natural redhead legend to back up any assertion that I'll cut off some guy's dick if he pisses me off. That tends to make a smart person think twice.

* You get hit on a lot. Well, I have. Despite being married & no longer interested in anyone other than hubby. At least I do have backing if my husband took me for granted or cheated on me: I could find someone to cheat with much quicker.

This gets awkward when you're trying to do professional networking. How would you like to think you're having a professional conversation with someone only to learn they're too busy fantasizing about you in your birthday suit?

Is it no wonder I work in the entertainment industry? People there don't have green eyed monster bitchiness towards me for looking as I look. Plus, the industry deems me pretty without me having to put in effort I didn't want.

So if you attack me for being smaller, call me names or assume nasty things about me, expect me & every other skinny woman to dish it right back out at you. It goes both ways, people.

Oh, and excuse me for living because I chose not to have kids & gain baby weight (for those mothers who resent me because I'm thin & they're not anymore). You made your choices; I made mine. Deal with it.

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  1. Girl! I second that! ALL of it! I'm a red head too btw! I had this convo with an associate awhile back, and it didn't go so well. She chimed in with "Oh poor me, it's so hard being pretty and skinny.". People. Seriously. Walk. A. Mile. In. My. Shoes. You know you want to anyway- hence the jealousy and hatefulness! I've been skinny most of my life, and suffer from health probs. But, my genetics do lean to the very thin side, and currently my BMI is at 17%. That's with working at eating healthy foods to GAIN weight. When I was at 15%, my doc threatened feeding tubes! OMG! I eat dammit! Doc did an operation and found my sphincter (LOL) of Oddi was ttally blocked and I was not getting any vitamins or nutrition. But, yeah, hey, it's okay to slam me for being thin? What kills me is that when I was heavy no one offered "helpful" criticisms to LOSE weight, but the minute the weight fell off? I get all kinds of "girl, you need to EAT! you look terrible!" Gee, would they approach someone balding from chemo and say "girl! grow some hair! You look like shit bald!". Wtf is WRONG with people? I'll tell you what it is, all this "curvy" is best crap is just the big girls attempting to turn the tables in their favor, because, simply, they wished they WERE skinny, but if they can't be? Why not change the way people think? I'll tell you this much, big girls were nice to me when I was heavy. Now, even though I'm the SAME person and act the SAME exact way, they treat me like total shit. Have you noticed the big girls seem to run in packs? Yeah, safety in numbers there, babe. Here's another big surprise (not): when I was bigger men only occasionally hit on me. Now? I had to sell my convertible because any time I had the top down, men took as an open invitation to flirt! Men hit on me all the time, and frankly, I can't stand it. I'm happily married and their "opinion" of me is only superficial at best, so why let drooling penises go to my head? As if! Oh, and btw, these are the same guys that placate all the fatties in their life by saying "I prefer larger women with more 'curves'". Uhh, yeah, okay, riiight. When will people learn to NOT judge a book by it's cover? It's ok to tell a skinny woman to gain weight and they look awful, but t tell a fat person that is bad manners? Okaaaay. Talk about a double standard! I've decided the next time a large person tells me I'm too "skinny" I will tell them "I guess it must seem like it to someone your size.". They seem to think life is oh so much easier for us. Puhlease. If your idea of men drooling after you is the way to go, you have very little aspirations in life. I prefer to be judged on my character, not the way I look. Having been both fat and skinny, I can honestly tell you being skinny is much more socially trying. Much. Oh well, what can we do? Other than go on living our skinny lives, apparently to spite all the fat people in the world, according to them anyway. Nice blog. :)