Monday, March 21, 2011

General Musings Part 18

So, I was going to integrate the events of my day along with a story on The Consumerist that pissed me off as much as many of the people who commented on it but my husband had to go & point out more things for me to rant about. If I had multiple people pointing me to rant topics, I think it would make my head explode.

It seems like I go from either having nothing to write about to having things pile up on me to such a ridiculous level that I can't possibly rant about them in this lifetime. Extremes!

Now that I've got all this stuff to rant about, I'll do it as general musings. Let's face it: they are.

Yes, I know the ABA actually posted this story on their site but I have some remarks.

Basically, I hope this guy gets a killer 1st Amendment lawyer that slams the airport & the authorities for this. If I ever have to fly, I swear I'm going up in a bikini. I admit I wouldn't be wild about the leering by men if I did that but I'm the same person who wore a tiara for a week in high school as a protest to my high school not allowing senior pranks, a skip day or anything traditionally associated w/high school seniors that even hints of fun. Not to mention I hated that place's obsession with stupid crap instead of addressing real problems like pathetic teachers, drug selling, bullying, etc.

The rise of defending crybaby types also disturbs my psyche. I'd love to rip these people apart in a debate in person & still think they need to be shipped off to some totalitarian government since freedom is wasted on them.

For more high school administrative idiocy, go here. I would be SUPER pissed if I were one of these kids. How come?

For one thing, I hated gym w/a passion. Perhaps my getting a grade based on my lack of athletic ability one year when I didn't even sign up for gym had something to do with it but essentially, I'd had it with being trashed for not being a sports person + hated being in any gym class where I didn't have friends to talk to. At that point, I started sitting out when I was getting harassed for missing the ball. If I hadn't done that, I'd have probably started hurting people.

Second, you had the option of gym or dance at my school. I actually liked dance since it wasn't so competitive, it suited my creative purposes well & I was actually decent at it. Plus, my friends were in it & you weren't graded on your abilities but factors like creativity + effort. I also felt that class taught me things that would be useful in the future. I wish we'd had yoga or the use of a professional gym. Again, I really think self-defense should be offered in schools (especially for young women) but that's just me. I'd have even been okay with swimming since I like doing it.

Third, I was done with that mess after 10th grade. When I was a senior, I was taking 2 AP level classes; one was in Chemistry. Adding gym to that mix would have been a disaster.

On the topic of high school, I found this story interesting as well. I must say I have to respect Dave Grohl's view on this one. If people don't want their music on Glee, then Ryan Murphy should do what the rest of us do: think "Well, fuck you!" and then find someone more desirable who will let him use their work. Don't tell these people you're going to hold it against them & make a public scene; do it privately. Share those tales with behind the scenes people like myself so we know to avoid those folks if we do a similar project. Part of networking is telling your contacts when someone is a jerk or wants too much money or other good/bad things that could determine someone's fit for a project.

And here's a real life instance of the movie Falling Down. Michael Douglas stars in it as this guy who loses his mind & is trying to get to his ex-wife & young daughter for the daughter's birthday. Great film; see it if you haven't.

I thought the film was just like what most of us would do if we suddenly snapped. Perhaps this real life incident is a warning to all restaurants who raise their prices. I still laughed when I read the story, though.

Moving on, it's my fervent belief that Neel Shah will be alone for the rest of his life or get cheated on. If you believe the comments that follow, he's apparently some hipster but if he actually believes that vegetarians & non-drinkers should subsidize the bar tab & steaks he ordered, I'm willing to be he also believes a woman should pay on the first date.

I'm not going to repeat my rant on that issue but in short, expecting me to pay for any date meant you'd never get another one with me. Even if I became single again (God, I hope not), I'd never tolerate that shit. Part of it is the code of the hotties/law of economics but another part is basic gentlemanly treatment.

Sorry, but you can't expect someone with this type of view to be a supporter of paying for dates. If he were, I'd die of shock. Hope that right wrist doesn't wear out or the rules for dating gay men are different than they are for straight women.

Finally, here's how you don't hire for interns:

Film Production qualified interns wanted (Upper Manhattan)
Date: 2011-03-18, 1:52AM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Film production company seeks experienced interns trained in aspects of film making to work on two feature film projects and a couple of short films at various stages of development/ pre-production. General organizational tasks will include the organization of a forthcoming film festival.
This is an internship position. There is no pay. However, following a successful internship period a paid position may be offered to the successful candidate.
Also, a commission on sales and compensations will be discussed once a satisfactory trial period is completed.
Length of internship may range from 1 to 6 months.
Credit will be given on the films as appropriate.

PostingID: 2271817495

Now apparently, some people were stupid enough to prostitute themselves for free because this was above the ad today:

THIS POSITION IS NOW FILLED - Please do not apply now. We will reopen internships in the summer.

Know what we call an "experienced intern?" Someone with marketable skills & experience!!!!!!!! In other words, they're not an intern. Interns have NO skills or experience.

That have to pay them for their work. Otherwise, it's called being a volunteer.

Ads like this reek of no legal counsel or involvement. No sane attorney would let a company post such ads on their watch. You can bet my company sure wouldn't.

I actually told off the author of this one since this crap makes my business & that of my colleagues look like a bunch of law breaking scumbags who exploit people. I don't appreciate that categorization & refuse to wear it.

This is just as bad as ads asking interns to send in pictures, another sleazy practice that screams "no legal counsel works here." I hope people like this get hammered in lawsuits so legitimate companies can rise up and take their business.

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