Friday, August 27, 2010

Stuff That Pisses Me Off

Well, actually that's pretty much what this blog is about: my railing against things that piss me off. So here's some more stories I found & wish to comment on. But first, a small digression.

I'm delighted that I do not work in a District Attorney's office or have to appear in one for my job. I just read that they found bedbugs in both the Brooklyn & Bronx District Attorney's offices. Just like other critters creep me the hell out, bedbugs are definitely on that list. Maybe I'm fortunate in not having a day job where I could end up bringing bedbugs into my house.

So without further adieu:

This is just a smart idea, though I think it's intrusive on teachers. I know if I were a student, I wouldn't want to friend my teacher on Facebook. I think it's the equivalent of friending your boss at work. Now if you're not in the teacher's class anymore & have to worry about the teacher flunking you, go right ahead.

This bitch should NOT be getting police protection. I say that current animal cruelty laws are absurd & anyone who'd put a cat in a trash can should be hogtied, then thrown into a huge dumpster filled with rats & vermin. We have a moral code that supersedes what the laws on the books say; just because animal abusers have bought off politicians doesn't mean we should let them slide. Stuff like that makes me support vigilante tactics in certain situations.

Now you know the school's only doing this b/c the media heard about it. How many other school districts in Mississippi & around the country are still segregating school elections? Note that in this little system, they didn't allow black students to run for president. And what if you were neither black nor white? Tough shit if you're Asian, Hispanic, Native American, mixed race or some other ethic group that's not "black" or "white"?

This is why I think peers or rational managers should conduct job interviews. A lot of these are signs of nervousness & any interviewer who wants a candidate who isn't nervous should get drunken, stoned & cocky applicants until they wise up. Did you know job interviews only account for 1% of a person's actual job performance? Psychological study covered this; learned about it in college.

I'd rather have someone's who is nervous (evidence of being a human being) instead of a cocky, self-important asshole or someone too drunk or stoned to answer a simple question.

Classic infantile behavior. I'm with Disney on this one; they made reasonable accommodations & this woman isn't taking a position away from the public or wearing what was provided. She could ask for a different design of the head covering instead of filing a lawsuit. You don't get to use your religion to impede an employer's business establishment; nor are you entitled to a particular job. So either take a different position where you can dress as you wish or find another job. In short, grow up & stop hurting your fellow Muslims' chances of getting employment by making everyone think all of them act like you.

This is apparently a hot issue on the Internet. I've only see a few people speaking on it that I know personally, including a bar association I belong to. Frankly, I'm in agreement w/those who say it should be in a different location. It's downright tacky to say you want to mend fences but in the face of location opposition, dig in your heels & say "Hell, no!! It's going here whether you like it or not." Nor do I think a few 9/11 families speak for every single person who was personally affected by 9/11.

I'm also no friend of Bloomberg's considering he was going to lay off 1/3 of the public library work force (including my own spouse) without batting an eye, is against indie filmmakers by trying to institute costly filming permits to shoot on city streets & generally is no friend to people who aren't mega-millionaires. Generally, if he's supporting something, I figure it's probably going to harm me or someone I care about.

I agree w/the Republicans who say it's not racist or anti-anyone to express your free speech rights to the contrary of the media & liberals. Free speech goes both ways, people. I also hesitate to remain in one bar association that comes down on a view I disagree with on the issue though they're actually a better deal than most of them & apparently more enlightened on their views.

It's not a "live or die" issue w/me but I think a different spot in the city would be better & save the people involved the headache, agony + grief of public hatred, especially when the opposition feels it's being ignored. You know someone's going to vandalize it if it ever goes up. Consider this event:

And I'll bet this cab driver was not some terrorist supporter or sympathizer but just someone trying to earn an honest living. I've not taken many cabs but none of the cab drivers have ever done anything to deserve getting stabbed by a passenger. At least, not to cause me to do it. In fact, there are some awesome drivers who'll get you to your destination in record time (especially if you're going to an airport or train station).

Guess what? Not every Muslim is a terrorist just as not all Christians are assholes. Judge people based on they treat you, not their religion, race or other factors that don't tell you the whole story. I still wonder what made the stabber do it, though.

At least the Muslims have an excuse for not speaking out against the radical fringe; they'd be murdered. What's the excuse for Christians? They don't have that code in their faith. At least I know sane Christians.

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