Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gamers Are Going to Hate Me

I beat this really freaking hard character in the Paper Mario game for Game Cube. It's called "The Thousand Year Door" and is at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials, if you give a damn.

Basically, they're not lying when it's named the Pit of 100 Trials. I got to the very bottom, where you have to fight this crazy hard bone dragon that's eons old & much harder than the villain you have to fight to actually beat the game. Getting to this boss is hell b/c you can't even save without leaving the pit. It takes a good 2 hours to do this.

So after having almost no health when I got there the first time, I prepared for the second time I got there. Finally, and I mean FINALLY, I beat this dragon. It's a fight so hard that my husband said I deserved a reward for doing it. They should really give you more in the game for doing that but, nope. It's like saving people from a fire in real life & not even getting recognized as a hero. I swear, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door operates like real life: you get nickeled & dimed in the rest/recovery areas (Toad Inns), have to put up w/stupid characters & get smart ass remarks from characters in the game that you have to fight + save.

To give you a background, I don't refer to or think of myself as a "gamer." I don't think I fit one in the traditional sense since I don't play everything, I wasn't into the role playing games (if the people you knew who did it treated participation like an exclusive clique & wouldn't miss a session even if Grandma was in intensive care, you'd feel the same way) & I refuse to do online gaming of any type. I can also put the controller down & hate Game Stop with a passion.

I had an ex who was that hard core a gamer & ignored me when I visited during Christmas vacation by playing an online game w/his housemate while the housemate was in a different room in the same house. You won't get me into World of Warcraft & I hated that South Park episode about it b/c hit way too close to home.

At the same time, I'm not the bitch who tells a guy he's 5 for playing video games or forbids him from playing like I'm his mommy (yes, if you're doing that then you're a bitch). If it's not a shooter or something I'm lousy at, I'll likely watch & offer pointers. Considering I've beaten some very hard video games (including finding all the secrets for many of the Mario games & beating almost every one I've played), I'm no slouch in that area. If you want specifics, you'll have to ask.

I'm quite good at racing games, puzzle games & stuff like the Mario games or RPG adventures. The reason I'm good at the racing games is b/c my father's a car fiend as well as my sister so anything relating to cars was a big part of my childhood, including playing stuff like Excitebike on NES & Super Mario Kart on Super NES. We had the Nintendo systems when I was growing up so I have more savvy at most of those systems. In fact, I still have the older systems, including my original NES.

So why am I against online gaming? Cheaters. If you can subvert a code or cheat the system, why should I waste my time? That just makes me want to find the person in real life & kill him/her in a vicious manner. I play video games to get rid of my stress, not add to it.

To reward myself, I finally got Super Mario Galaxy 2 & Super Mario Wii. I've heard good things about Super Mario Wii even from my sister, who gets impatient & quits for good if a game gets too hard. I only quit if something's just downright rigged & totally impossible. If I consider it impossible, that means the average person hasn't got a chance at beating the game. My mother once said I made beating the boss look easy in another NES game that is freaking hard called Rainbow Islands.

I don't think I could hustle this talent, though b/c I don't play for points. I play for progress. I like games that have an ending; don't really like those that don't.

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  1. Hey guy, you definitely are cool! Of course,
    I can't afford to play SNES Emulator when is excellent weather, rather I would choose a walk on the bike) But sometimes I understand you ... I just want to play Super Mario Bros and no one prevented me from going through the "The Thousand Year Door") I hope I`ll find time for this on the weekend, following your prompts. Excellent guy, you are the player I could be proud of!