Saturday, September 6, 2014

Now, an Innovative Business Idea

A few days ago, I thought of an interesting business idea that if you could execute would be awesome.

We have all these people who are in "failure to launch" mode who are still living with their parents or are forced to move back b/c of the economy, relationship breakups & so forth, right? You also have people who hate where they grew up or would have zero career opportunity or prospect where their parents live while some ask you "What's the big deal about being THERE?" and would view it as some great adventure.

I had that exact conversation with a close friend & I said "People always idealize where they didn't grow up." I said my feelings about where he grew up are different that his probably are & I'd feel about his hometown like he feels about the idea of living in NC. I'd say "What's the big deal? Sounds nice," while he might think differently. I'd feel like a failure & like I had nothing to look forward to or a purpose in my life.

There are also sites like Couchsurfing where you could go to other places & have a place to crash for cheaper or maybe it's free? I don't know too many details about it but that's a business that exists & has a website. Check it out & you tell me.

So if we have all these people going back to their parents' houses but don't want to, why not have some type of exchange where you could stay in some other part of the country or world where you'd actually want to live? Create a serious vetting & background check system, make the hosts tell you all kinds of things like about their expectations, habits, etc. & have them think of this visitor as like an adopted kid or exchange student. They could do all that nurturing stuff for someone who'd likely be more appreciative, less sulky & find the experience much better than their kid might. Let's face it, if some kid wanted to be at home so bad they'd already be there & stay put instead of moving far away. I feel like if someone has a home in an area they hate, why not trade that with someone who would actually appreciate it more & go someplace with it instead of them being there, miserable & either dying in misery or just not doing anything b/c they can't live their passion or find something that makes them happy?

I'd be thrilled with that type of exchange & anyone who didn't come from money or have life handed to them would probably like it as well.

Thought of all sorts of things in this new normal aside from seeing near strangers be much nicer to me than my ex or his relatives ever were. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there actually are some good people in the world. It completely astounds me when some guy is actually around & interested in my well being. When someone actually does something that they say they are going to do. Guess that's a sign of my super cynical nature.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but it can be very hard. Also, sorry I'm not Little Miss Perfect or do & say things you don't like. I think I'm a little entitled to some imperfection in my life; if I'm not the paragon of love and virtue, you should blame my ex. He is the one who kicked me when I was down & made me much more hardened than I already was. People have a limited head space and emotional capacity along with emotional strength. I was at an event a few days ago talking about what I'd been through & the person I was talking to (who, herself, had been through similar) said I should be off in a room crying somewhere. I said that I was feeling like doing that. Not sure I'll ever be completely cried out or over all this. People have told me it will get better; I really hope they're right. Haters ought to be warned that if I go down, they'll be going with me & karma will have their asses as well.

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