Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Publicity For Me

My feature in Look was published last week. If you're a reader in the UK or somehow have access to Look (since it IS a fashion magazine that was mentioned in Absolutely Fabulous, which is how I'd heard of it), you can find the story I'm in if you happened to see last week's issue.

If you didn't, I'll send you the article if you ask nicely & genuinely care vs. being a nosy looky loo who needs to get a life STAT. It's about my experience being childfree & why, in retrospect, getting my tubes tied might be one of the smartest things I did. At least now that I'm ending a marriage, there will be no fights over children & no children to suffer emotional harm at any time in my life. I'm also glad my estranged spouse didn't get to teach children that it was okay to treat a woman like shit & that anyone not making a paycheck is a subhuman not worthy of basic human rights.

I also did my latest review for Woman Around Town, which you can read here.

Still on the go with career stuff and everything. Dealing with this transition and haven't looked back, though it's not an easy situation for anyone to go through. The freedom is nice. I was out in this one restaurant by myself & was thrilled that the chips and salsa were MINE exclusively. No one else got to have them & seeing this one couple nearby didn't make me miss the jerk; in fact, it made me happy to be free. I think you'd feel that way as well if you were me.

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