Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Mystery of Why Some Places Aren't Closed On Snow Days is Solved

I know I haven't updated in a while. Thanks to those of you who've kept reading despite all that. I've been too busy dealing with bullshit lately.

For one thing, I'm getting separated & will be getting a divorce. I can't say I'll miss this relationship as it's been in the past few months & at least I know who can be counted on and who can't. You also can't stay with someone who refuses to grow up and behave like an adult (such as living within a budget, not putting their parents & other relatives ahead of their spouse). An adult doesn't ignore state marital property laws or is naive enough to think you can abandon physical affection and say "I want a separation" to your spouse then think they have a right to know about the spouse's affairs or keep tabs on where they go. If you don't care about the spouse, then it's not your business anymore.

There's so much I can say on all this & boy do I have some views on the subject but those will have to wait for when all is said and done. I can at least say it's better not to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't believe in you, doesn't love you and doesn't have your back no matter what. A relationship like that is totally not worth it & when you recognize the signs, it's time to get out. Freedom, no matter what materials you lose, is far better than being a slave in a virtual prison. That Young Hearts Run Free song is dead on accurate; I was listening to it last night since it seemed fitting for this time.

You'll have to ask me privately if you want more details.

So, I went on Facebook today to find that schools in NYC were open despite bad weather. Apparently the rationale for opening schools & libraries is that these places are glorified babysitters and cafeterias for the poor kids. If they are closed, the argument goes, these people won't eat.

Well, where are the parents I ask? Why aren't THEY taking some personal responsibility?

First off, if you couldn't afford to have a child or another one why in God's name did you have one? NYC is not a place where you can't get an abortion or birth control if needed. We also have that law where you can abandon newborns at hospitals, police & fire stations if you can't hack it so the state can deal with this kid. Not saying it's a great option but it is out there.

Second, if you are that destitute, why are you living in NYC (land of common snowfall)? Why don't you move to a warmer climate where schools are rarely closed? Using that argument to endanger other people's lives reminds me of the people affected by Hurricane Katrina who whined about being involved there but stayed in the storm & put their homes in an area prone to flooding. Your lack of preparation is not society's fault.

By that token, YOUR refusal to be an adult or doing what you need to to care for your kids is not the fault of teachers, librarians and others who are forced to come into work to cater to YOUR sorry behind. Since when does YOUR child or YOUR family trump the lives of the teachers & school personnel. Don't THEY have families & kids who might miss them if they get killed or injured in accidents caused by snow & ice?

Call me heartless or mean all you want but the schools & libraries aren't the hospital. Teachers & librarians aren't EMT workers, doctors or even MTA employees. Also, if you're that hungry missing a meal or two so the roads are cleared and safe to travel on isn't going to kill you. Human beings as a species are very resourceful & will do what they need to do to survive.

Do these people not have neighbors or friends who might help them? Could they not get food leftovers from a job? Even dumpster diving, which I'm not in favor of doing myself but if you're desperate you do what you've got to do? Maybe even a homeless shelter? I don't know but putting possibilities out there that don't involve opening schools & risking the lives of educators, cafeteria staff and anyone else who'd certainly get punished if they didn't come into work that day.

These aren't workplaces where the employees can miss work and not get shit over it. Some bosses seem to think driving on ice is no big deal whereas I had 2 near death experiences being in a car during a blizzard (thankfully my father was driving & he was super good at it having been a truck driver back in the day). You also never see the higher-ups at these places traversing the travel to go to work; they sit on their fat behinds at home while railing about social welfare.

When THEY strap on their snow tires, get off their fat asses & go into the office without complaint or leaving early, I might taken them more seriously. Until then, they can fuck off along with any so called "bleeding heart" who thinks this starving kids mess is a justification for endangering the lives of workers who have to do those jobs. What about THEIR kids? Are they supposed to leave their kids orphans or have them get injured in a school bus accident b/c some other parent couldn't be resourceful enough to get their kids fed that day?

How about these bleeding heart types get their butts out in the snow & ice and do these jobs, knowing they will be punished and penalized if they don't show up on time & leave on time regardless of the weather outside?

I don't think my estranged spouse signed on to be akin to an EMT when he became a public librarian. I'm sure if you asked other librarians and teachers, they would agree that if they wanted to have no holidays or snow days they'd have become EMTs, hospital workers, etc. Let's also remember these jobs pay a pittance compared to some of those other jobs.

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