Friday, August 24, 2012

The GOP is Harboring Rapists & Why Roseanne Bar Would be the Best President EVER

So, as a woman with a fully functioning reproductive system (who thankfully got a tubal before all this crap started) who was in an attempted rape situation, knows actual rape victims, spent time on family law cases where social services was involved & who knows other women who haven't been fixed but can still reproduce, the words of Todd Akin disgusted me on a personal level. The further defense of his words by a number of Republican leaders, including the Vice Presidential nominee & the GOP party platform's revised language piss me off on a fundamental level that you're not going to get unless you are a rational thinking person.

I find it sad that society has so many stupid, clueless or maybe just outright sadistic people in it; honestly, it's enough to trigger someone to go on a random shooting spree in some conservative hellhole section of the country. I wouldn't blame such a shooter one bit. Right now, I warn every single person who votes Romney/Ryan in this next election (especially women) not to come crying to me if THEY or ANY female relative they care about ends up raped & pregnant then is forced to carry that rapist's baby or get his permission (as one Alaska Republican proposes) to get an abortion. You will have elected those shitheads & allowed it to happen.

You'd also better not cry to me if there's no viable entertainment industry, 1st Amendment or any rights in general to do anything fun because the leaders YOU elected & endorsed took away all your rights and turned the United States of America (Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?) into a fiefdom governed by the Christian Taliban & big business.

Having grown up in a Baptist practicing home in the South, I'd like to ask who these old, white motherfuckers think they are to take away MY fucking free will?

GOD gave EVERYONE free will, did He not? So, GOP what are you telling us with your little scheme to control women? Do you think you are above God & get to subvert His will? Clearly, you do. But I've got news for you shits. Try taking control over my body away & you'd damn well better be re-writing laws so we go full on to being back to property. No being arrested for crimes, no civil offenses, no pursuing us on debt collections.

In fact, you'd better be cancelling the student loan obligations of every single female in this country since women are too stupid to be able to commit themselves to contracts. Women will now be allowed to get away with murder, literally. It all comes down to their fathers & husbands if we go the Republican way. We'd better also take away rights from minorities to & all people of color will not get to be on television or make any living at a high level job. You'll also have to cancel their student loan debt obligations since minorities are also too stupid to enter into contracts.

So, shithead men who want to espouse all this controlling women crap? You'd better hope the women in your lives actually like you b/c if they hate your guts & you'll be held liable for any wrongdoing they commit, the smart ones will kill, lie, cheat, anything to get your ass locked up in jail where you can be some big man named Bubba's prison bitch. She could also bankrupt your sorry ass so you won't have any money to get guns, hire hitmen, anything fancy like that. Oh, and you'd better never fall asleep in her presence since she'll just kill you & never be responsible. Remember, women are too stupid to be held accountable for ANYTHING!!!

I also find it incredible that Jesse Lee Peterson, a black man, had the gall to try & shut down women's rights, as you can read here if you have a Facebook account. If you want to contact this bigot and remind him that he should be the last person saying women are too stupid to be business owners & exist in his world, just go here.

That goes for any minority who suffered discrimination on any level in this country. You sure aren't going to get sympathy for your cause or anyone to help you when you go around bashing other groups. In marriage & all, who do you think is really in charge? As the old saying goes, it's women.

I certainly hope these women withhold sex from these bigots; if they're already doing that, they need to expose them to a sex explosion (if not from their privates, maybe they can outsource it to some poor unemployed law grad; you know, someone who can have an intellectual conversation who they might see again & who'd be much harder to belittle than the average hooker). Personally, I'm in favor of going even farther & castrating them since we sure don't need more sexist bigots ruining life in this country.

Those who've been super loyal Republicans need to wake up & realize we're not dealing with the Alex Keaton type Republican or a Ronald Regan. We're dealing with something much more sinister: totalitarian wannabes who don't want to live & let live but would rather shove their way of life down your throat. I'd say you're dealing with aspiring Hitlers or Stalins. These people have no business having any power; I wouldn't trust them with a child's lemonade stand or even a pile of garbage. I don't recall Bush (either one) telling raped women they MUST have their rapist's kid or get his permission to abort it.

I'm sure we all know about Akin's words so I won't repeat them but anyone using the term "legitimate rape" sounds like a rapist to me. Anyone defending such a thing is just a rapist who wouldn't dare admit it, if you ask me. That phrase & his remarks are rapist talk if I've ever heard it. It sounds an awful lot like an alcoholic telling you about "justified binge drinking." No such thing, retard! We don't need cutesy little qualifiers to excuse deplorable behavior & to use them is just absurd.

I can tell Todd Akin has NEVER been to a rape crisis center, spoken to any rape victims or children born from rape, spoken to anyone who grew up in the foster care system or ever visited a social service agency. Uninformed people have ZERO business making laws for everyone else. Why don't we just have cats making our laws? How about dogs?

Maybe I should start making laws about sports since I'm such a fucking expert on them. Except I'm really terrible at them, was never on a sports team & haven't spend much time with athletes. Perhaps I should also make laws governing the construction industry & manual labor since I know so much about those areas as well.

It's time for a requirement that you don't get to make laws on things without doing some damn research. You should be forced to go to rape crisis centers, visit small business owners from ALL areas of the country, whatever is needed for you to actually MAKE determinations to base a law on & assess how that law will help vs. harm anyone (and not talking just to your friends or doing PR moments; there must be honest communication involved).

If you don't agree to that, you have no business being allowed to live in modern society. You need to be locked up somewhere. Jail, a mental hospital, debtor's prison, a Hollywood exec's basement, I don't care. Just be locked up & unable to escape to cause more problems for me and anyone else with common sense.

If people in this country had any brains in their head, they'd vote 3rd party. Ron Paul, Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, someone who isn't a total moron with their head so far up big business' collective ass that they can't see cars coming when they try crossing the street. Even ALF would be better.

We need to start branding politicians with the companies that own them. You know: "Property of:" then list the company names. The more you saw & the types you saw would determine whether you should bother voting for them. I'd also like to see fist fights in the Senate & House like they have in other government meetings in other countries. I've said it before but it would make things more interesting & some reality TV company could make money from it. It's practically Jerry Springer anyway; we may as well be honest about it.

So, why would Roseanne Barr be the best president ever:

1. She wasn't born to money. She came from lower income so she knows what that's like. Her entire TV show concept was based off that experience. That's better than the mainstream politicians you see who generally came from money or are part of some political dynasty. I feel she's more "of the people" than most folk in politics.

2. She conquered Hollywood. When she started out, she actually took command on her show. Most people in her shoes would be all docile & meek. She wasn't. People probably call me a bitch; I feel if people are calling a woman a "bitch" and saying she's "difficult," she's probably doing something right.

If she did this in Hollywood, do you honestly think she'd let some shithead career politician push her around? Or some high power lobbyist? I can't see that happening. I'd hope she'd tell the prick just where to go; we need more people willing to do that sort of thing. If she told Hollywood execs where to go early in her career, I could see her doing the same thing to some Washington insider.

3. She's unpredictable. Someone (a man supporting the Republicans, by the way) told me "she's bipolar" & she has all those personalities. Is that any worse than the hypocrites & morons inhabiting our government now? You honestly think Sarah Palin would be more effective as a leader or any of the other Tea Party scholars spouting out various inaccuracies about our Constitution, geography & plenty of other things your average middle schooler wouldn't screw up on? If we're that nervous on TV, maybe we shouldn't be on TV? Leads to another good point.

4. She's scandal proof. She's been on TV & suffered highs and lows in the press. How would you blackmail Roseanne? How would you ruin her reputation? She's always said controversial things & has never been predictable. I think you'd have to lie & even then, I'm sure people would find facts to defuse that lie. She'd have to screw herself up like violating #5.

5. She'd never allow women's rights to be mangled; they'd be sacred to her. She's not some brainwashed dope like many of these Republican & conservative Democratic women. I think she lives in real life & wouldn't be trying to foist religion onto everyone else. In fact, I don't recall her being religious & that's a wonderful thing if you ask me.

6. She would NEVER apologize or say she "misspoke." Based on things she's done, I'll bet Roseanne Barr would stand by what she said regardless of how controversial Middle America finds it. We also need more of that.

I hate this fake religiosity that always comes out in an election. If you're not a sincere believer & practitioner of a faith, shut the hell up. Or maybe we just need to kill voters in Middle America or the vote fixers. Not sure who the morons are who voted for these mental midgets we're dealing with now but they could use some heavy smacks upside the head for being too stupid to live. The cause, regardless, needs to be taken care of ASAP.

I'll take an atheist over a lying, hypocritical Christian any day of the week. A TRUE Christian would never be pulling this shit of applying their standards as law to be imposed on the entire country, many of whom don't follow their belief system (you know, violating God's gift of free will by taking it away from others). I don't know of any atheists, Wiccans, or people from the non-mainstream religions trying to impose their ways of life onto everyone else or telling Christians what to do in their homes, on their time. Yet Christians sure as hell do this.

Oh, and this is the same Republican party forcing women to breed & bring MORE unwanted kids in the world. Nice work, assholes.

These people are really too stupid to live, besides not living in real life with the rest of us. I'm glad the comics are getting great fodder but I don't want these morons being leaders in my country.

Speaking of more people who don't live in real life & how religion has done more to ruin things, consider this story. If you contacted me about something like this, I'd defend that student in a minute. I know a thing or two about asshole school administrators on a little Hitler power trip. I hope she & her family stood their ground & told the principal just where to go. I sure would have. Furthermore, if you're so damn worried about your little children hearing things or the "sanctity" of the ceremony I suggest you move to a religious commune since your children are too fragile to exist in modern society. Let's talk a little about "sanctity" as well: many high schools employ sexual predators, sexists, lying teachers, many adults who deserve contempt, not respect. Even my mother once said there were teachers at my school who didn't deserve respect.

I suppose I never lived by "respect your elders" because I saw many elders who didn't deserve it growing up. For instance, we had this white trash neighbor who let her 2 small children run wild (we're talking 2-3 year old range & seeing them in our yard quite a distance away from their house w/no adult in sight), stayed at home & later was cheating on her husband with a guy who looked different but had the same first name. My sister once told this woman to "Go suck an egg!" Then, we also had our father, male child molesters who molested 2 of our neighborhood playmates (one of them was one girl's stepfather; I learned about this much later) & plenty of adults who were just assholes to us for no reason. We had a coach in my high school who made sexually inappropriate remarks to women (including a friend of mine). Just some examples but you can see why I don't buy that whole "oh, it's so sacred" argument.

Perhaps adults in life (especially parents) should be better examples to kids if they want kids to be better. You know, maybe instead about bitching at length on adult content being played on television or blaming Marilyn Manson when their child goes on a shooting spree? None of this "do as I say, not as I do" shit; everyone sees through it & I sure did as a kid.

Finally, real life isn't Luke & Laura motherfuckers. This isn't General Hospital so stop trying to make the world that way. Get a brain, stop being spoon-fed by mainstream media, think for your damn self & ask yourself how you'd like it if your sister, mother, some female you give a shit about (if you aren't one yourself) was raped. What would you do to the rapist? Would you shake his hand & welcome him to the family? Hand him a cigar if he got the victim pregnant?

Supporting the Republican platform on this issue tells me you would do precisely this. It also makes me suspect you of having raped someone at some point in life. No woman should sleep with any of these men unless they A) want to have children against their will, B) have no self-esteem at all & hate themselves or C) are secretly robbing the men blind.

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