Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blame DC for My Disinterest in Comics

Yes, it was DC Comics that advertised a job my husband would have been fucking perfect for. Trust me, if you've met or even talked to him for about 5 minutes you'd agree.

I had some help here & I, in my great sleuthing skills, managed to get the direct number of the relevant hiring person. After waiting the customary 2 weeks to follow up, I'm told that they already had someone they were going to hire. Basically it was a "this is out of my hands & it's the higher-ups" situation.

I'm not going to shoot the messenger. If he was being straight with me, wasn't patronizing me & actually LISTENED to what I had to say about my beloved, then he's all right with me. He told me that whole spin about how many people want to work at DC & that they got about 600 resumes for this job.

Well, you know what? Tons of people want to work in my industry as well. Even for my company, we could get a ton of applicants if we post a position & we're not nationally known (yet, anyway). I went through the resumes & cover letters from interns; I see it all & know just what people are saying to try to convince me to interview them.

Point is, people can SAY a lot of things. I can tell you I've got an IQ of 180, make a perfect souffle & know how to catch a football. Actually, I can chew 2 pieces of gum at the same time without mixing them together among my various talents but that's beside the point. Action is different from words.

My husband has ACTION to back up why he should be a librarian at a comic book company. He's contributed to web sites that write about particular series i.e. filled in blanks. He's made it a point to get quality comics into one of the largest library systems in the world. If you asked who the go to librarians are for comics in his system, his name would come up in the top 5 if not the top 2.

What pisses me off about DC is the fact that they didn't even give him a chance. I could accept & get over them not giving him a job after interviewing him. However, to give this guy ZERO chance AT ALL at a job he's so obviously qualified for it's ridiculous (in fact, he had more than double the years of experience they wanted as a librarian) is an insult. It's a grievous insult to him & it's an insult to me b/c this is the love of my life & these jerks are just piling on his general dislike of life & desire to do nothing if he didn't need the money from a job. They are no better than the incompetent management he has to work under who refuse to listen to his own supervisors & use rationality to assign promotions.

I'd bet a trillion dollars that either DC hired someone's kid/engaged in some form of nepotism or favoritism for the job or was trying to lowball the wage. He's obviously not going to sell his soul to work there or take a pay cut from a job he already has. What employer is stupid enough to think someone's going to leave a job they can tolerate to take peanuts? I certainly know better than to defy the basic rule of self-interest (it states that people are self-interested beings who are only going to do things that benefit them & that there are no truly altruistic acts); I personally think there's great truth to the idea of there being no such thing as an altruistic act. No employer I've met & spoken to strikes me as being that stupid or arrogant.

So, gee when you don't even bother giving my soulmate a chance at a job he could not only do but excel at to a ridiculous level how likely do you think I'm going to be to do squat for you? How much rage do you think I'm going to have about this? How likely do you think I'm going to be to support your product or put money in your pocket?

I'll answer this for you: we'll be ice skating in Hell first, a ton of rage + don't forget you're dealing with natural redhead rage (which is a LOT worse than regular old rage) & same as the first, plus Jesus will be ice skating with us while giving Satan sexual pleasure (not trying to be blasphemous here, I'm just illustrating the likelihood of my saying anything kind about DC the company).

Let me make clear that my gripe is not with the creators or rank & file workers at DC (unless of course, they were simply patronizing me & didn't care or bother to help me on this). If you haven't personally done something to upset me, you're not on the list.

It's with these higher management assholes who I'll bet didn't even bother reading his cover letter, resume or even considering my husband for this job. In turn, I'm not going to put money in those assholes' pockets.

My husband is not boycotting & claims he's not upset about it. No, that man just has no hope and zero ambition toward it. He's just been told it's impossible for him to do what he wants to do & will never get to work at a comic book company that could pay him a fair wage. Those fuckers have just helped kill his spirit & any professional motivation he might have had for that area. It would serve them right if he did boycott since he's probably contributed a small fortune to their product over the years but as long as he's buying their products used, I don't have any objection.

So if you want me to read comics, I'm not about to support Marvel the price gougers or DC the corrupt slimebags who apparently wouldn't know a deserving applicant if (s)he walked in with a bag of cash & started throwing money around. You'll have to go with something else. Nor will you ever convince me to give a dime to benefit DC (especially if we're talking about conventions they have a financial interest in) since I don't see them rectifying this situation in this century.

If you're reading this as a DC higher up & want to dismiss me or trash me, why don't you try listening to my basic points & letting them sink into your brain? How about proving your competence & showing you deserve to be in the position you're in (you earn respect; you don't get it with some fancy title or high salary)? How about you bother reading up on who I am considering I'm not exactly someone who knows nothing about nothing?

When you've done that, THEN we'll talk about whether I change my very low opinion of you or not (I'm going with a big fat "No" on this one, being the cynic that I am).

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