Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Illustration of My "Typical Lawyer" Hate

I came across this blog & read this entry. I had to respond. It compelled me. It was screaming "You've got to respond to this attitude that you MUST give to charity, political campaigns & the like as an attorney."

If you've read this blog, you know my basic viewpoints on doing anything: if I don't want to contribute (or it would harm my ability to survive in my home), I'm not doing it!!! You also know my viewpoints on politics & giving money to charity or even helping anyone out in a fundraiser. Essentially, you'd better be doing something for me (i.e. someone who agrees with things I support & isn't worried about what everyone thinks of him/her; getting me or mine a job in the campaign or being a friend is also a factor), involved with an arts, animal rights or other organization that doesn't use 90% of my contribution for things other than the cause you told me about OR selling yummy chocolate, Girl Scout cookies or a punch/good discount card to a local restaurant or business that I love. Otherwise, you've got a better chance getting money from the town Scrooge.

I like to think this blog serves as a warning for the easily offended or status obsessed freaks who might want to know me. If you fit those categories, guess what? I don't WANT to know who you are. I've already concluded that you are at best a sheltered crybaby & at worst an immature asshole. Most people don't have time for either type, me included. I certainly don't want to represent anyone like that as a client. I choose not to have children so I certainly don't want to be responsible for any adult who wishes to behave like one. I would end up smacking the person if not doing worse.

Know how you don't release tigers out in a populated residential area to roam free? Same deal when it comes to enforcers like myself.

As I read this entry I though, "Jesus, haven't you heard of the word 'no?!?'" It's not a hard word to master. If I don't have a use for something or I think you have repugnant views, I'm not supporting you. If you are my friend, you already know the basics on this. If you aren't, I don't care what you think. A little assertiveness never hurt anyone.

The ultimate thing that bothered me though, was the whole status race. I don't know that I've ever directly expressed it here but I REALLY FUCKING HATE the whole status thing. I have personal, firsthand reasons to hate it.

The main reason I despise it is because I grew up a lower middle class kid in a school where all the smart kids were middle class or better. The ones I knew in 7th grade were particularly bad. They were nothing but label seeking little bitches who would base people's worth on what brands they wore. Of course, because my parents didn't have the money to buy fancy mall clothes, I got made fun of. I also had people get critical over what color socks I wore.

One day, this girl who was a bit of a bully made a remark about my socks & I said maybe she ought to be focusing on her own wardrobe instead of mine. This was in 8th grade, after I made new friends who based their friendship on your personality, not your parents' net worth. I got very belligerent over the whole clothing thing & once I showed I wasn't taking shit (plus my friends told one of the bigger bullies they'd kick her ass for bothering me), people backed down. I also got some of these little clique bitches in trouble because the teachers saw them disrupting class by bothering me. Once that happened, I had a much more tolerable school experience.

At first I wanted to get the status symbols to get that respect & acceptance but later learned it didn't matter because everyone deserves basic human dignity. You're not a better person because you have a Gucci item or Juicy Couture or whatever. Trash is still trash, no matter how you dress it (and I'm speaking of people who ACT trashy not those working in the adult industry necessarily).

When I see an attorney expressing the view this person mentions, I form my own very negative impressions. I'm tempted to ask when they're going to grow up since that's a 12 year old's mentality. I also admit freely to being an eccentric & am quite proud of it. I also know those mental midgets are nothing but haters who will never amount to anything because they spend too much time worrying about everyone else instead of focusing on their own wardrobes. I'd bet you money they either have no families or treat them like shit.

Many people I've met who had money didn't waste it on status symbols to look cool. I saw plenty of people in Atlanta who had money & didn't drive luxury cars. They bought for quality & weren't trying to become targets for thieves or angry, displaced occupiers. Plus, I could take down little princess types in a heartbeat with all my real life experiences. Doing it to people this blog author's trying to impress would not only be my pleasure but a public service.

Again, I don't want to know or deal with someone who's got a 12 year old's mentality or is such a PC obsessed crybaby, they should move to their own island or live alone in a mountain cabin in the wilderness so nothing will offend them. Would you?

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