Friday, September 2, 2011

General Musings Part 26

If you wanted to come up with a theme for this one, I think it would be "why people suck & The Angry Redheaded Lawyer would rather be friendless than suffer these fools."

* First, more religious corruption. Are you not surprised that no one in this congregation is thinking about the women involved who may actually have been raped? No public backlash, not even a "we expect more from you as a man of the cloth & you let us down." Nice to know that pedophiles & rapists are always welcomed in the flock while homosexuals & liberals are condemned and outright trashed. Some of these very same people even do the condemning!

Consider all the flack people are giving Chaz Bono, and much of that coming from self-proclaimed religious people who claim Dancing With the Stars is a "family" show.

Since when did anything currently airing on TV become a "family" show??? I've never watched Dancing With The Stars and I have no interest in it. Just another reality show, if you ask me. I also believe in the freedom to do whatever you want with your own body without religious harpies going around & castigating you for it.

None of these morons have to live in Chaz Bono's body or deal with the day to day consequences of that sex change operation; are these the same sects that hassle people for getting tattoos or piercings? Do they go around examining people's private parts to see if they've been pierced? I sure wouldn't want to belong to that congregation. Would you?

* Aaah, toxic friends and workplace drama. These must part of the base of the pyramid of nastiness in human beings.

Honestly, I don't get it. I dealt with the toxic friend situation (actually, I prefer the term "shitty friend" since that's really what it is) in middle school. Maybe it was more like "inattentive friends?" By later on in high school, I stopped worrying about what anyone else thought of me & decided to live my own damn life. I also had more experiences that made me realize than when someone is a drain and a cancer in your life, it's better to simply eradicate it. This is why I never had a relationship lasting longer than 6 months before meeting my spouse, a partial reason I refuse to have children & why I don't have many true friends. As I said before, when the thought of not being friends with someone makes you feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders, what are you "saving" and why are you still friends w/that person?

Reading the workplace drama one was interesting. See the part about James Powell, where his wife was being "teased" at a company event by a prick co-worker who claimed she was too pretty to be married to him. She "internalized the stress and jokes" and it harmed their marriage?! Are you kidding me?!?

I went to a holiday party for my husband's old job (which I refer to as "the Hellhole"; you would to). When I was there, I had what folks call my "Cinderella" gown on & was asked by one of his co-workers why I was dating him (at the time, he was my boyfriend). I responded that I had (still have, in fact) a mental connection with him & that when you have a mental connection with someone, you've got the real thing.

I still believe that, in fact. Looks fade. People switch careers, lose their fortunes, get injured. Everything flows from that mental connection: chemistry, love, all that stuff. If you've experienced it, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, maybe you will someday. I never expected to so if there's someone who can put up with my ass & not kill me, I'd think just about anyone has a fair chance.

I sure as hell didn't "internalize" this shit or have it affect my relationship. Who is that kind of woman? A good wife would be doing what the politician's wives do: bolster their spouse in people's eyes, give you a glimpse into what she sees in him and make you feel ashamed for being a total dick all at once. My husband's co-workers would also never get away with being nasty to me. I wouldn't even let his bosses do that; I don't work there & as a lawyer, it's in my nature not to take shit from others or let people pick on my loved ones. Messing with them is the same as messing with me. I also don't owe my husband's employer anything as it relates to me or my career. Getting on my bad side guarantees I'm not doing a damn thing for you, regardless of who you are.

If it sounds like I'd be a good politician's wife, you might be half right except I can't give birth to kids & I don't take kindly to infidelity against me unless we agreed to an open marriage for both of us (not just the guy) & clarified that whole arrangement. Plus, I'm too much of a romantic, insist on having my own career & couldn't deal with getting the short end of the stick emotionally. I can't be a leech, all right?

* Thank God there are some judges with common sense! I was gratified to read that this lawsuit by some trust fund brats who will likely end up living here as hipsters & driving up real estate prices was dismissed. I didn't grow up in a $1.5 million home or act entitled to money in birthday cards so, yes, if you fit those conditions and bring this up in a lawsuit I'm going to call you a trust fund brat right to your face.

Want to talk damaging, Steven & Kathryn?? Try growing up in a household where your father's a raging alcoholic who destroys your belongings and throws things near your head when he's drunk? How about fleeing from your home when he's in a drunken rage? Or living with a mother who refused to leave & left you feeling like she put her husband ahead of her kids? How about a father who steals from you and feels zero remorse for it?

Or how about being a victim of incest or physical abuse? There are adults who lived that & I bet they're pissed at you both for the gall you have to claim you had it "so bad" when I'm sure you wouldn't last 5 seconds in a real crisis. I'm pissed at you & I only suffered emotional abuse.

Grow up and then maybe we'll take you more seriously when you claim to be undergoing "hardship." I feel sorry for anyone foolish enough to employ either of these people.

Reading this also made me feel better. It tells me the legislators are women hating morons who should keep their mouths shut unless they can get pregnant. If women supported this legislation, they should shut up unless they've actually been in this situation. Otherwise, they also know nothing or at best, have been brainwashed by religion so intently that they should never hold public office in a secular setting where they have to represent the interests of people who don't believe in their God.

These judges give me a slight bit of hope for humanity.

* So does this man, in fact. I would have a lot more respect for many people, especially those in education, if they did what Larry Powell was doing. Why can't people like him run the country? Take note. People would love you instantly for giving up some high power salary & using it to fund important projects that would be cut otherwise.

* But..just when I have some faith in humanity, it gets shattered again. Consider this college's intrusive application question.

If you think coming out wouldn't be held against you in a college setting, you're horribly naive. There was rampant homophobia at my undergrad & I attended a liberal arts school in Atlanta. You'd expect that place to be a bastion of gay pride & acceptance. Not quite. There were still a number of bigots there. They did harass the gay people & their friends; I also didn't much administrative action in the face of it all. The people victimized also complained about that lack of administrative action.

Could you imagine answering that honestly in places like religious schools or areas where they put a priority on religion? You would get branded. I'm not stupid enough to fall for it & I hope others won't be either.

I feel asking about sexual orientation is just like asking about race. You're either creating a form of affirmative action (which I'm not in favor of since I'd rather just kill bigots or avoid learning such personal details altogether to get around prejudices) or inviting people to lie so they can get scholarships & so forth. Lying about sexual orientation seems much easier than lying about your race.

And would you want to be the token LGBT person/guinea pig being used to create more campus "diversity?" This means, you're the only one & will likely be made to feel unwelcome by the student body at large.

The exact issue came up at my college where they wanted black students to increase "diversity." We were in the midst of black colleges! Even if these particular schools weren't well known for academics, I can't blame a black college goer for not wanting to subject himself/herself to some of things going on at my undergrad at that time. That was the early 2000's.

So maybe someone had noble intent in asking that but my cynic side just sees problems akin to those of race.

Having finally dealt with some of the issues of the day, I'm going to see about eating and trying on my new shorts.

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