Monday, July 18, 2011

Strangers Sending Social Media Friend Requests

Now I'm not talking about people who work in my industry or ASTs I've not met in person or spoken to in this rant. You people are more than welcome to reach out to me. Though attorneys who don't work in the entertainment field will need to pass an initiation first (just kidding, but if you have never seen Office Space or don't know where the line "I'M a wild pig!" comes from, I probably won't trust you).

Nor am I talking about actual fans: if you're not planning to interfere in my life (stalking, trying to break up my relationships, cause me more general stress), you're also welcome to reach out.

What irks me is people who never said a single word to you whose ONLY connection is being in your high school class ages ago suddenly wanting to friend you on Facebook. I don't mean legitimate old friends or people who are truly contrite after wronging you; I'm talking about the bastards who either deny that they made your life a living Hell or people who'd be background actors if your life were a movie. Thankfully, not gotten anyone in the first camp but I did get one in the second.

Another strike against you if you send me a friend request is if you're friends with my sister. Since that whole situation with my former friend after the wedding, I'm really not interested in trying to be friends with anyone who's friends with my sister. Especially if you live in the same town as her. Chances are you don't have much in common with me to begin with & I'd really rather not be known as "So & so's sister."

And if you've been shitty to my sister? Give me a fucking break! OF COURSE I'm going to side with her! Especially when you gave her a bad check as a gift and caused havoc on her bank account. No one likes having to pay overdraft fees.

I didn't mention that part because you should talk to her about it. It's not my place to say anything.

My sister is family, you moron! An actual mentally challenged person would have better sense than to try messing with the sacred bond of sisterhood. I take the concept of loyalty very seriously & gee, I don't take shit either. Causing me those problems would probably get my husband to hurt you if I didn't first. You'd be paying me back or I'd at least threaten to take it out of your hide. I wasn't told I ought to become a loan shark for nothing, you know.

When you get indignant when I call you out on this, keeping in mind that you've never even said "Hello" to me, do you know what I'm thinking? Thank God I dodged a damn mooch & future hanger-on who'd have been first in line to ask for money, to meet famous people, send me unsolicited material, pester me about casting their child in a film, etc. Oh, and since I don't know you, I owe you nothing. Not a damn thing, all right?

Unlike some people, I'm not going to play to that fiction. I'm not living in the South or under anyone's thumb anymore. I can make my own life decisions and choose who will or won't be in my life. How dare you try & infantalize me by using a friendship with my sister to get to me! We're two separate people & HER friends don't = MY friends. You don't get an equally close relationship with both of us: you get one or the other.

So if you've never even said "hello" to me & now think you're going to be my Facebook friend, you're sadly mistaken. In fact, I've got two words for you: Piss off! Sums it up, don't you think?

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