Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vegetarians Who Eat Meat???

Okay, let's just say that's not possible. It's like calling yourself straight when you've at least made out with someone of the same gender & you enjoyed it (to differ from playing a gay character or faking homosexuality to get out of a draft or give some hated relative a heart attack).

Or for that matter, saying you're bi when you are married to ONE person & NOT sleeping w/people of your gender on the side. Or for that matter, not having a same gender SO. That just means you're not picky when it comes to who you sleep with. No harm there: just stop calling yourself a "bisexual" when you're merely "non-discriminating." A true bisexual needs BOTH to be happy; many might call you slutty for that but "non-discriminating" is the best term I can come up w/for "I'm not picky."

Lois Griffin of "Family Guy" comes to mind here. Remember the episode when she was against Jasper getting married to his boyfriend in her home? Yet she talks about doing sexual stuff w/other women in multiple episodes, kissed Meg's lesbian friend & the show infers that she might be non-discriminating. I don't know about you but I found that hypocritical & if I knew someone doing that in real life, I'd totally call him/her out on it. That's what we call a "hypocrite" in my neck of the woods.

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