Friday, December 11, 2009

On Not Paying for a Child's College Education

Check this out.

All I can say is that if my parents had done that, I'd have told them NOT to bother me once I got done since they sabotaged me. It's the same as people who tormented you in high school buddying up to you after you've become famous or rich. Don't have your hand out when you tried to ruin someone else's life & made it that much harder for a person to get ahead. That earns you a big "Go to Hell."

Now if your parents would help you but can't, that's different. Then you owe it to them to give them "props" if they've been decent to you & tried to help in other ways.


  1. My folks were able to help me out with undergrad, but not with law school except that I was able to live in their home rent free. That should have been my way out! I should have stood up to my father and said, "since you're not paying, I'm not going, and I'm also not going into debt." I foolishly believe that I'd make a decent income to service the debt. The law schools & my parents believed it, so I thought I was making a good decision at the time.

  2. Well my real issue in writing was the idea of parents trying to piggy back on their kids' success while saying "I refuse to help you", especially if the parents themselves never did a thing. I know people who told their kids they wouldn't help with college but I guarantee that the minute those kids made $ or did something great, those parents would have had their hands out.

    My own parents fall into the "we'd like to help but we can't" category. They didn't go to college; had they had the $ & pulled that, they'd have been dead to me long before I became the first person in my family to GO to law school.