Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's "Illegal," NOT "Undocumented"

I read this story recently & I'm absolutely pissed off. In fact, this makes me super livid. How come?


1. These illegals came here of their own free will. They weren't kidnapped & sold as slaves like the ancestors of many black people who are here today. They weren't even fleeing Hitler or Fidel Castro.

If a particular person was fleeing something like this, that's one thing. I recently signed a petition in support of this woman who was trying to get amnesty in the US because of her 7 rapists in her native country being free & not getting any punishment in the legal system there. If I remember, I think there was also an active & present threat to this woman's safety if she was returned to that country. This is what's known as a special circumstance.

Most of these people don't have that going for them.

You assholes caused your own persecution. You are not the black people of the 1960s fighting for civil rights. You're not even gay people fighting for civil rights or marriage equality.

2. Who do these fuckers think they are to cut the line & think they can legally be allowed to remain here? Tons of people have been doing things the right way: applied for citizenship, paid the fees, all that good stuff. Why should YOU get to sneak in & have exemptions made for you & your family? What about all the other families separated b/c those people weren't a bunch of punks wiping our legislative system & immigration laws with their asses?

These loudmouths should be arrested on sight & forced to account to all the people who legally became citizens & permanent residents. They are an embarrassment & an insult to immigrants of the past.

I can have some sympathy to kids who didn't choose to come here who are fluent English speakers, made good grades, didn't break the law, etc. In fact, my husband & I have no issue with letting illegals become citizens if they serve in our military. However, they should not be getting residency & tuition discounts ahead of citizens. I also despise the whole anchor baby system but that's another story.

3. Speaking of causing your own persecution & being an embarrassment, how many of these people speak fluent English? If you don't even know English & you're here illegally, don't waste my time demanding civil rights from me. How about working on earning respect from people?

How do you earn it? For one thing, learn fluent English & don't force your kids to translate. Second, adapt to American society & culture. Stop demanding others to cater to you. Watch your damn kids, don't take from aid programs, stop stealing jobs from citizens & deflating wages for everyone, etc. Why can't you set up your own businesses like many an Asian immigrant has done for centuries? Then you won't be stealing from rank & file workers with limited education (or even a lot of education) trying to get a living wage.

If you want to live in Mexico or some other land of squalor, stop wasting time here & trying to turn the US into Mexico. Our leaders are doing enough of that without any illegals getting involved in devaluing quality of life.

4. The cops aren't arresting these people on sight but have no problem arresting Occupy protestors & spraying them with pepper spray. They have zero qualms with using stop & frisk on black people & Latinos who are legal. No problems with other forms of racial profiling & harassment to black people (most of whom ARE US citizens). No issue with passing legislation like NDAA & arresting citizens even suspected of terrorism. No issue with being J.P. Morgan Chase rent-a-cops & acting like the rich's private security force. They also have no problem letting politicians go for things your average citizen would be sitting in a jail cell for like drunk driving & the like.

I've said for years "What about the illegals?" Do these dolts in government think that everyone from Mexico is a saint? That no terrorists exist there or that everyone there loves this country? That they have no corruption there? They must be stupid & I have a very good idea where the next terrorist strike will be coming from. That is, if the current rulers don't shape up & stop acting like the French government pre-French Revolution (newsflash: protests happened LONG before the Internet & modern technology existed + not everyone is stupid).

If the police wants "to protect & serve" then they need to be arresting these illegals who think so little of our laws that they shit on them publicly and flaunt their status.

What next? Are pedophiles & rapists going to start a bus tour & come out of the shadows with zero recourse? Will murders or members of organized crime families start addressing crowds about their crimes? Maybe drug dealers & pimps should start their own bus tour & demand civil rights as well. The prostitute bus tour would probably be most interesting. At least the women getting applause from being "out of the shadows" would show us that society is more pro-woman than we (and certainly I) thought.

All of these groups are lawbreakers under most of society. If we're not arresting the illegals, why shouldn't these other people get to do the same thing? No one's "protecting or serving" MY interest by allowing illegals to run free to commit identity theft, not carry automobile insurance & cause accidents, harass women (if not worse), be deadbeat parents, etc.

Nor is anyone "protecting or serving" MY interest by facilitating government corruption (I find it more than coincidence that my friend was harassed after he spoke out publicly against racism in the police investigation process & if you don't, you underestimate the level of government corruption that exists; I also refuse to believe that little old Walnut Cove is a bastion of tolerance when they apparently impose a curfew on adults if commenters to that story can be believed), practicing racism in police procedure & keeping (or worse, promoting) racists on the force.

There's also no protection or service of MY interests when women are being harassed & treated like second class citizens or when the police is playing J.P. Morgan Chase rent-a-cops because some people dare to express their constitutionally protected 1st Amendment rights.

I also don't view the police as saints or above reproach considering my father was subjected to harassment & exploitation by an asshole cop in my hometown. He was accused of being intoxicated b/c he "had red eyes." Well, shithead we buried my brother in law the day before. Everyone was crying. The man was probably grieving, you scumbag. My mother also told me he wasn't drinking & she may have covered up many things but she'd never covered up when he was drunk. She would be the first to tell me if he had been driving under the influence & would have turned him in herself if he had been doing it (she's said this publicly many times over the years & started doing so after he'd gotten his license taken away & gone to rehab when I was 14).

His car was impounded & there was damage to it in an area where there should not have been damage afterward (the bumper at the bottom of the car, which they claimed was there b/c they were trying to get in & the car was locked; do we look stupid?).

Ultimately, the evidence was in favor of my father so he had to be let go but I've not forgotten this little travesty & if I didn't have things going well for me, I would probably have to do something to right that situation. I wasn't there since I had a job in Atlanta at the time & I can't live in that town.

Shit like this does not endear citizens to the police. It does NOT inspire them to give tips or help them catch real criminals. In fact, it creates mistrust, hatred & backlash against law enforcement.

With me if you are doing actual, legitimate police work & trying to HELP me vs. live out some political agenda or be a corporate lapdog, I'll be more than happy to help you. Not furthering problems is a good thing & something I like to encourage in people. I've encountered respectful law enforcement members who weren't jerks & were actually helpful. Those people should get more recognition with the scum being tossed out. The scum ruins it for the good cops just as they ruin it for the good lawyers, doctors, filmmakers, cashiers, business owners, whatever.

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