Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Defense of Ok Cupid & Calling Out a Hypocrite

But not just any hypocrite...a special one by the name of Alyssa Bereznak. If you want to know why she's a hypocrite, check out this story.

I'm not going to give the little bitch press or money by directly linking to what she wrote but you can find it very easily in an online search. Basic capsule of the events: she creates a profile on Ok Cupid while carrying on a smug attitude that "only losers use online dating profiles" and goes out with a guy who plays the card game Magic: The Gathering (Jon Finkel, who is apparently a former world champion at the game). She acts as though Mr. Finkel murders puppies or molests little boys & decides to get even by writing an article on Gizmodo.com about how he should have disclosed his bad ass abilities at this game beforehand.

Oh, and in the meantime, she ends up winning the shallow bitch Hall of Fame. You can go Google her, btw. Apparently her Twitter feed says she's a former intern of Gizmodo, a tech blog (the very same blog where she goes on an anti-geek kick). Her LinkedIn profile lists her as a current intern so I imagine the powers that be didn't appreciate her little whiny rant and the attack on their geek readers. If it were me, I'd have certainly gotten rid of her post haste (pun intended). His response is here.

Okay, a few things:

1. Alyssa is the archetypical Cosmo girl. Seriously, she's the living embodiment of a typical Cosmo reader who'd turn her nose up at anyone with a sense of imagination or who dares to use online dating.

2. Alyssa is also living in dream land. Seriously, I saw your pic honey. You aren't hot shit. I, along with numerous actors & actresses I know in this business, are about a trillion times better looking than you by industry standards & dating standards. But, funny thing: those hotties I know in this business? They're also into "geek" things like video games, comics, sci-fi, and the list goes on. Undoubtedly, they'd also have friends into such things.

3. Alyssa has no class. Take it from someone who's been told she has it: there's a right way and a wrong way to reject a guy. You can politely tell someone you aren't interested. This sure wasn't the way to do it.

4. Alyssa has now screwed up her life. She'd better hope that a hiring manager doesn't Google her name or have any kind of interest in so-called "geek" things. If you wanted to work with my company, I'd toss your materials in the trash. After all, my husband is an avid comic book collector. I don't look down on him for that; I may not go to the conventions or want to do role playing games so much but I don't go around thinking I've got the right to tell others how to live.

Oh, and I am a really good video game player. As in, I've played since I was young & will do it until they pry the controller/remote/whatever we have in the future from my cold dead fingers. Maybe not world champion material but good enough to consider you a stupid little whiny bitch who's probably living off Mommy & Daddy and whining about the "scary minorities" in NYC.

5. Alyssa had also better hope a hiring manager never used online dating or met their mate in that way. I'll have you know I met my husband through Ok Cupid & as I said, I'm far better looking that this little bitch (and not just saying that because of anti-blonde prejudice).

When I did online dating, the line of guys contacting me was not short. I had enough interest to generate a line, even on the old Friendster. I tried online dating since I was in law school (which is a time consuming activity leaving little time to go out), had a policy against dating guys I was in class with and might have to work with in the future, & had no luck meeting a cute guy who'd actually stick around to date me for an appreciable amount of time. I was also in a section with older students and most of them were married or in relationships so that was not going to be my dating pool.

You want to talk about "date rapey scenes?" I went to sing karaoke at a place and met some interesting characters, including one guy who may have been married & tried to bother me for romantic overtures while claiming he had a friend who could get me a legal job. Ok Cupid sure wasn't a "dark, date rapey scene." Online, you can block people who annoy you or piss you off. Can't do that in real life.

I'm also an introvert by nature & never approached guys first unless I had to in order to avoid a creep that bothered me. I met a LOT of creeps in Connecticut (though still had guys approach me without me making any real effort). I couldn't even go back to that karaoke place by myself for fear I'd run into that jerk again.

So I met a few guys on Ok Cupid & never had a problem. I actually met my husband at a time when I was about to just give up on guys since I'd had enough of their bullshit. We met in NYC and forged our relationship gradually, having all that "getting to know you" talk out of the way before we ever met in person.

I'm still with this man & will be celebrating 5 years of marriage with him this year. Bet your face will be red from that one considering more people are marrying folk they met online! You probably should try online dating since any guy who hears of you now will run like Hell. Even if you aren't into geek things, guys, you really should run since the archetypical Cosmo girl types are only going to abuse you, emasculate you & make life a living Hell. See that Cracked article on what happens if you actually followed Cosmo's advice.

Plus, as this Alyssa will have no job prospects, she'll likely just chase you for money. This will likely cause her to wise up & become a gold digger.

6. Jon is a classy guy who will likely have a very full dance card from all this. Sir, you may also be well served to talk with a lawyer on this to see if you could have a case against her little whiny butt. Also might not hurt you to make sure you have a pre-nup should you find yourself nearing marriage since one has to protect one's self from gold diggers.

At the very least, let's hope she learns a valuable lesson about reputation, respect for others and how powerful the "geek" culture is. While I'm not a player of Magic: The Gathering, I would certainly have some respect for someone who was a world champion in it. I'd expect that guy to have some stories. Even Comic-Con has become a celebrity filled event so I have to wonder where Alyssa Bereznak has been for the past 5 years or so.

Plus, being a gamer does NOT = murdering puppies/molesting children/beating up homeless people-former girlfriends-parents-etc. or some other truly deplorable, despicable act you should refuse to put up with in a guy. It doesn't even = having unprotected sex with everyone in NYC.

Geek has become chic honey, but shallow bitchiness from someone who's a 6-7 at best has never been cool (it's not even cool from a 10+ but it's even less cool from someone who isn't anywhere in that stratosphere). The bitchiness is posting a story on the website.

Let's see what happens to her later on, shall we?

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