Friday, November 19, 2010

Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage - How to Do a Show Right

I was given the opportunity to go to this show with my husband earlier this month. While I don't like to report on the banal activities of my life since I don't want random people approaching me (it's creepy), I'll tell you my thoughts about this one both in my capacity as an entertainment professional & as an audience member.

First off, my husband thought this show was funny. He's a hard guy to please. In fact, his abilities to be a natural critic are a reason he's got his own corner for film reviews on the One Way blog. You can read some of his reviews if you doubt that statement.

My being married to him has nothing to do with it since I hate -isms & won't help a no-talent just b/c that person is my friend/family member/fellow attorney (God, especially not them)/whatever. I don't stick my neck out unless I actually believe in someone; in short, I don't bet on losing ponies and would never a business based on nepotism or favoritism.

Second, this is audience participation done right. I saw the whole crowd getting into the show & basically, Eve Plumb is the headliner who does it right. These actors were not phoning it in & genuinely seemed to care about the audience's experience. If they didn't care, then that's a testament to great acting ability.

I worked w/a comedy show in the past & if the audience feedback I've heard is an indication, they could learn a thing or two from this team.

Third, the people working behind the scenes seemed to have that same concern with the audience's experience. We certainly felt welcomed & had our questions answered.

So aside from the professional recognition you see, I'm telling you from my personal & professional view that this was a good show with a sense of comedy + good advice that anyone can enjoy. Hey, if my husband likes it then you're definitely doing some things right!

If you're in the city, feel free to check out the link. If not, I certainly think this show deserves to be a touring performance & perhaps the people there will arrange that for you.

* If you want me to post a banner for your event or give you my impressions, let me know. I work in the industry & support my fellow artists but I'm also honest + usually look for my husband's reaction since again, he's a tough guy to please.

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