Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Scumbags Who Need to Be Reminded That EVERYONE in This Country Has Free Speech

I was reading both of these stories yesterday, comments to follow shortly.

Here's what I have to say about both of these:

Guess what, fucktards? In America, we have a little thing called "free speech." You're not helping either of your causes by threatening dissenters or trying to ruin their reputation or livelihood.

FreedomWorks, you are a pack of scumbags who are bringing down the Tea Party movement. You're only convincing me & every other intelligent person in the world that you only support the Constitution when it favors YOU & YOUR agenda. Endorsing the fringes of the Republican party & branding dissenters as homosexuals or inferior b/c of ethnic background is creating a serious image problem for you. No one will take you seriously; while the Tea Party has some good points & I'm all for revolution if it makes people more informed, intelligent + gets rid of eons old corruption, surrounding yourself w/addled nutcases is suicide.

In short, you're being a pack of hypocrites & making conservatives, Republicans and religious people look bad. It's time the sane members of any high profile group distanced themselves publicly from the whackos; it might just save the group as a whole.

Same goes for the Muslims, Christians, and any other religion now associated w/terrorism, corruption & hypocrisy.

My beef w/the second article isn't as much w/the Muslims as it is w/the creators of South Park.

Why am I not mad at these businesses? It's not really the job of a major corporation to have ethics or take a stand on things. If one does it, that's great but that's not really their purpose. They're all about making $; once you realize this, you don't really expect them to stick by anyone facing controversy or advocating for free speech, social change, etc.

I don't have a beef w/the Muslim fundamentalists b/c they've been doing this kind of thing forever. That's how they operate. They're the same as the KKK; no one expects the KKK to suddenly become tolerant of black people, interracial marriage, or other things violating their purpose as a racist organization. Other groups have complained about TV shows & so forth.

What ticks me off is that the South Park creators are supposed to be "artists" and "creative types" but roll over & allow censorship of their own product.

How many black people were injured, killed & had unpleasant things happen to them in their struggle for civil rights? How many gay people have been injured, killed, defamed & so forth to get their own rights (which is hardly peachy keen today but that's not the point)?

Do you think black people would have the rights they have today if they had not risen up & said "Enough!"? Hell, no & you're stupid if you think white people suddenly grew a conscience or stopped being racist as a whole.

Hey, sellouts! Either be true to your art or get out of the business. Being famous means you're going to be subjected to controversy & have to deal with it. As an artist, you also have a responsibility to push society forward & give a symbolic middle finger to the suppressors who can't deal with it. You DO NOT cater to the religious law of some other country, especially when you aren't even a member of that faith.

Don't make fun of folks if you can't be man/woman enough to stand by your creation!!!

You've also just told me that I can get the episodes trashing redheads off the air if I organize my own anti-defamation group for natural redheads, get a crackpot researcher that posts YOUR cell numbers, home addresses, names & descriptions of pets/children/family members AND posts the home & business addresses of these family members. Instead of threatening gruesome death on YOU, we'll just threaten to kill your parents in a grizzly manner, make you watch THEN serve you food w/their body parts in it. Yes, I'm talking just like it was done on your own show.

Personally, if someone did that to some sellout I think I'd have to be a little impressed w/that person's forethought & creativity.

I'm sure ideas like that are why even acquaintances say I'd be very dangerous armed. They probably also figure I'd better not hit unmanageable & hard times or I'd organize my own uprising.

I'd also rather die with some integrity than live as a coward. I wish more people felt that way.

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